Iranian Horn takes new nuclear measures: Daniel 8

Iran takes new nuclear measures in response to IAEA resolution

  • By Al Mayadeen English 

    Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson says the anti-Iran IAEA resolution has political goals and is an attempt to increase pressure on Iran.

      Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kanaani said Iran took on Sunday several measures in the Natanz and Fordow uranium enrichment facilities in response to the anti-Iran resolution passed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors, which was submitted by the US and the three European countries, the UK, France, and Germany.Z

      Kanaani considered that the IAEA resolution has political goals and is an attempt to increase pressure on Iran by the United States and the three European countries.

      The Iranian Spokesperson highlighted that the resolution comes despite Iran having a peaceful nuclear program that is the most transparent in the world, noting that his country has preceded and warned the Western parties of the consequences of this illogical and destructive act.

      Kanaani said the use of international organizations as a tool against independent countries has become the norm in the foreign policy of Western countries, stressing that Iran will not succumb to pressure and will continue its peaceful nuclear program in accordance with its needs, rights, and obligations under international treaties.

      Earlier in the day, AEOI head Mohammad Eslami condemned the International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors’ “unconstructive” decision to pass a resolution against Iran, warning it will elicit a strong response from Tehran.

      The IAEA passed a resolution last Thursday urging Iran to comply with the probe involving the alleged find of uranium traces at three undeclared sites.

      This is the second time that the nuclear watchdog is carrying out a motion of this kind against Iran – the last one which took place in June this year involved a motion of censure against Tehran’s alleged obstruction of inspectors.

      The resolution, which states it is “essential and urgent” for Iran to “act to fulfill its legal obligations” and was brought by the US, the UK, France, and Germany, was voted by 26 countries in favor, two against, five abstained, and two countries were absent.

      The two countries who voted against the resolution are China and Russia.

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