Babylon The Great Playing With Russian Nuclear Fire

Russia: Ukraine’s import of U.S. nuclear fuel risky

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk  gestures, during a press conference in Kiev, Ukraine, Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2014. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)
Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk gestures, during a press conference in Kiev, Ukraine, Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2014. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)
MOSCOW (AP) — Russia says Ukraine’s deal to buy U.S.-made nuclear fuel for its Soviet-built reactors could trigger a nuclear accident.

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk of Ukraine announced Tuesday that his nation has reached a deal on nuclear fuel deliveries with Westinghouse to reduce dependence on Russian supplies.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry deplored the move as a “dangerous experiment that threatens safety and health of the Ukrainian citizens and peoples of Europe.” It said nuclear fuel produced by the U.S. company doesn’t quite fit Soviet-built nuclear reactors that Ukraine has.

The ministry said Ukrainian authorities must take a responsible approach to nuclear safety, or risk disasters such as the 1986 Chernobyl one, which was a result of a flawed Soviet reactor design coupled with serious mistakes made by the plant operators.

In a statement Tuesday, Westinghouse said it “has been working in the Ukrainian market since 2003, and brings diversification of suppliers, global best practices and technology to the Ukraine market. Westinghouse fuel is currently operating safely and efficiently at the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant without any defects in performance.”

Marshall Islanders Confront Babylon The Great And The Horns (Daniel 7:7)

Marshall Islands Challenges Nuclear Powers in David vs. Goliath Confrontation
hydrogen bomb

All Gov
Tuesday, December 30, 2014
1946 nuclear test at Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands
A tiny Pacific nation that once endured 67 nuclear test explosions is taking the United States and other nuclear powers to an international tribunal to push for nuclear disarmament.

The Marshall Islands has asked the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to order those nations possessing nuclear weapons to seriously engage in talks to ban the weapons worldwide. “All the nuclear weapons states are modernizing their arsenals instead of negotiating, and we want the court to rule on this,” Phon van den Biesen, the leader of the islands’ legal team, told The New York Times.

The legal action is directed at the original members of the so-called “nuclear club” (the U.S., Russia, Britain, France and China) as well as four other countries that have either admitted to having the weapons or are presumed to have them (India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea). The Marshall Islands contend the original five nuclear powers promised in 1968, when they agreed to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, to negotiate a nuclear disarmament treaty, which never came about.

Backing the island’s legal move are more than a dozen international law experts, who have donated time to assist with the case, and a coalition of 55 international peace and other activist groups, according to the Times.

Despite the help and backing, it’s unlikely the suit will succeed in forcing the nuclear powers to disarm because ICJ rulings are not enforceable. Among the nations being sued, only Britain, India and Pakistan accept the court’s decisions as binding and China has already said it won’t abide by the court’s decision. But that’s not to say the move doesn’t have merit.

“This case will help clarify where we stand in arms control law and perhaps sharpen the obligation to disarm,” Nico Schrijver, head of the law school at Leiden University in the Netherlands, told the Times. “It has merit in a time of growing international tension. But I see a host of legal hurdles ahead.”

-Noel Brinkerhoff

The Iranian Horn Sends Military Advisers (Daniel 8:3)

Over 1000 Iranian military advisors in Iraq
Iranian Horn
Iran Focus
29 December 2014

The Iranian regime’s military involvement has dramatically increased in Iraq over the past year, the Washington Post reported citing U.S., Iraqi and Iranian sources.

A senior Iranian cleric with close ties to Tehran’s leadership, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss security matters, said that since the Islamic State’s capture of much of northern Iraq in June, Iran has sent more than 1,000 military advisers to Iraq, as well as elite units, and has conducted airstrikes and spent more than $1 billion on military aid.

The Washington Post report adds: “While the departure of U.S. troops in 2011 provided space for Iran to expand its influence in Iraq, Tehran’s support for paramilitary groups has intensified since the appearance of the Sunni militant group.”

Reports of abuses by Shiite militiamen have increased in recent months, raising fears that militia death squads that helped fuel past sectarian violence are on the march.

American officials are also watching to see whether Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has the political clout to hold his unity government together and keep paramilitary forces in check.

Meanwhile the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) said in a statement that there are currently thousands of Iranian Revolutionary Guards stationed in a number of Iraqi cities to help Tehran regime to compensate its loss in Iraq after the ouster of former Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

The guards that are estimated to be over 7000 are stationed in Baghdad, Diyala and Salah ad-Din provinces and the cities of Samarra, Karbala, Najaf, Khaneqain, Sa’adiyah and Jaloula.

A dispatched Revolutionary Guards include commanders and experts that accompany the militias in various areas of Iraq, according to the NCRI.

The Iranian Resistance warned that Revolutionary Guards are not in Iraq to fight ISIS, but to compensate for the heavy blow caused by Nouri al-Maliki’s ouster to create a Velayat-e faqih caliphate in Iraq.

The slaughter and forced migration, along with aggression against the Iraqi people, in particular the Sunnis, and ridding them of their property by the revolutionary guards and their affiliated militias under the pretext of fighting ISIS has endangered peace and security throughout the region and fuels the machine of extremism and terrorism in the whole region, NCRI warns.

Insane: But It WILL Happen (Revelation 15)

The Outlook for the New Year. The Insanity of Nuclear War against Russia

Global Research, December 30, 2014

Dear Readers:  The conflict that Washington has initiated between the West and Russia/China is reckless and irresponsible.  Nuclear war could be the outcome.  Indeed, Washington has been preparing for nuclear war since the George W. Bush regime. 

Washington has revised US war doctrine in order to initiate conflict with a first strike nuclear attack.
Washington has discarded the ABM treaty in order to build and deploy anti-ballistic missiles that are intended to prevent a retaliatory strike against the US.  Washington is engaged in a buildup of military forces on Russia’s borders, and Washington is demonizing Russia’s government with false charges.  

As the Bush/Obama regimes dismantled the safeguards put in place in order to minimize the risk of nuclear war, no protests came from the American public or the media.  Washington’s European vassal states have also been silent.  

Washington’s drive for hegemony has brought nuclear insanity to the world.

Moscow and Beijing understand that they are Washington’s targets.  As Larchmonter explains, Russia and China are conjoining their economic and military capabilities in order to protect against Washington’s attack.

Washington’s demonization of Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, and Assad were preludes to military attacks on Iraq, Libya, and Syria.  In view of these precedents, it is reasonable to regard Washington’s demonization of Vladimir Putin as a prelude to military action.

Russia is not Iraq, Libya, or Syria.  Russian war doctrine states that Russia can use nuclear weapons in response to a nuclear or conventional attack on Russia.  For the world to sit silent while Washington’s arrogance provokes armageddon telegraphs total political failure.  Where are the voices in behalf of humanity?

The Outlook for the New Year

Washington has shaped 2015 to be a year of conflict.  The conflict could be intense.

Washington is the cause of the conflict, which has been brewing for some time. Russia was too weak to do anything about it when the Clinton regime pushed NATO to Russia’s borders and illegally attacked Yugoslavia, breaking the country into small easily controlled pieces.  Russia was also too weak to do anything about it when the George W. Bush regime withdrew from the ABM treaty and undertook to locate anti-ballistic missile bases on Russia’s borders.  Washington lied to Moscow that the purpose of the ABM bases is to protect Europe from non-existent Iranian nuclear ICBMs.  However, Moscow understood that the purpose of the ABM bases was to degrade Russia’s nuclear deterrent, thereby enhancing Washington’s ability to coerce Russia into agreements that compromise Russian sovereignty.

By summer 2008 Russian power had returned.  On Washington’s orders, the US and Israeli trained and equipped Georgian army attacked the breakaway republic of South Ossetia during the early hours of August 8, killing Russian peacekeepers and civilian population. Units of the Russian military instantly responded and within a few hours the American trained and equipped Georgian army was routed and defeated.  Georgia was in Russia’s hands again, where the province had resided during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Putin should have hung Mikheil Saakashvili, the American puppet installed as president of Georgia by the Washington-instigated “Rose Revolution”, and reincorporated Georgia into the Russian Federation.  Instead, in a strategic error, Russia withdrew its forces, leaving Washington’s puppet regime in place to cause future trouble for Russia.

Washington is pushing hard to incorporate Georgia into NATO, thus adding more US military bases on Russia’s border.  However, at the time, Moscow thought Europe to be more independent of Washington than it is and relied on good relations with Europe to keep American bases out of Georgia.

Today the Russian government no longer has any illusion that Europe is capable of an independent foreign policy. Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated publicly that Russia has learned that diplomacy with Europe is pointless, because European politicians represent Washington’s interest, not Europe’s.  Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently acknowledged that Europe’s Captive Nation status has made it clear to Russia that Russian goodwill gestures are unable to produce diplomatic results.

With Moscow’s delusion shattered that diplomacy with the West can produce peaceful solutions, reality has set in, reinforced by  the demonization of Vladimir Putin by Washington and its vassal states. Hillary Clinton called Putin the new Hitler.  While Washington incorporates former constituent parts of the Russian and Soviet empires into its own empire and bombs seven countries, Washington claims that Putin is militarily aggressive and intends to reconstitute the Soviet empire.  Washington arms the neo-nazi regime Obama established in Ukraine, while erroneously claiming that Putin has invaded and annexed Ukrainian provinces.  All of these blatant lies are echoed repeatedly by the Western presstitutes. Not even Hitler had such a compliant media as Washington has.

Every diplomatic effort by Russia has  been blocked by Washington and has come to naught.  So now Russia has been forced by reality to update its military doctrine. The new doctrine approved on December 26 states that the US and NATO  comprise a major military threat to the existence of Russia as a sovereign independent country.

The Russian document cites Washington’s war doctrine of pre-emptive nuclear attack, deployment of anti-ballistic missiles, buildup of NATO forces, and intent to deploy weapons in space as clear indications that Washington is preparing to attack Russia.

Washington is also conducting economic and political warfare against Russia, attempting to destabilize the economy with economic sanctions and attacks on the ruble. The Russian document acknowledges that Russia faces Western threats of regime change achieved through “actions aimed at violent change of the Russian constitutional order, destabilization of the political and social environment, and disorganization of the functioning of governmental bodies, crucial civilian and military facilities and informational infrastructure of Russia.” Foreign financed NGOs and foreign owned Russian media are tools in Washington’s hands for destabilizing Russia.

Washington’s reckless aggressive policy against Russia has resurrected the nuclear arms race.  Russia is developing two new ICBM systems and in 2016 will deploy a weapons system designed to negate the US anti-ballistic missile system. In short, the evil warmongers that rule in Washington have set the world on the path to nuclear armageddon.

The Russian and Chinese governments both understand that their existence is threatened by Washington’s hegemonic ambitions.  Larchmonter reports that in order to defeat Washington’s plans to marginalize both countries, the Russian and Chinese governments have decided to unify their economies into one and to conjoin their military commands.  Henceforth, Russia and China move together on the economic and military fronts.

The unity of the Bear and the Dragon reduces the crazed neoconservatives’ dream of “an American century” to dangerous nonsense.  As Larchmonter puts it, “The US and NATO would need Michael the Archangel to defeat China-Russia, and from all signs Michael the Archangel is aligned with the Bear and its Orthodox culture. There is no weapon, no strategy, no tactic conceivable in the near future to damage either of these rising economies now that they are ‘base pairs.’”

Larchmonter sees hope in the new geopolitics created by the conjoining of Russia and China.  I don’t dispute this, but if the arrogant neoconservatives realize that their hegemonic policy has created a foe over which Washington cannot prevail, they will push for a pre-emptive nuclear strike before the Russian-Chinese unified command is fully operational. To forestall a sneak attack, Russia and China should operate on full nuclear alert.

The US economy–indeed the entire Western orientated economy from Japan to Europe–is a house of cards. Since the economic downturn began seven years ago, the entirety of Western economic policy has been diverted to the support of a few over-sized banks, sovereign debt, and the US dollar.  Consequently, the economies themselves and the ability of populations to cope have deteriorated.

The financial markets are based on manipulation, not on fundamentals. The manipulation is untenable. With debt exploding, negative real interest rates make no sense. With real consumer incomes, real consumer credit, and real retail sales stagnant or falling, the stock market is a bubble.  With Russia, China, and other countries moving away from the use of the dollar to settle international accounts, with Russia developing an alternative to the SWIFT financial network, the BRICS developing alternatives to the IMF and World Bank, and with other parts of the world developing their own credit card and Internet systems, the US dollar, along with the Japanese and European currencies that are being printed in order to support the dollar’s exchange value, could experience a dramatic drop in exchange value, which would make the import-dependent Western world dysfunctional.

In my opinion, it took the Russians and Chinese too long to comprehend the evil that has control in Washington.  Therefore, both countries risk nuclear attack prior to the full operational capability of their conjoined defense.  As the Western economy is a house of cards, Russia and China could collapse the Western economy before the neoconservatives can drive the world to war. As Washington’s aggression against both countries is crystal clear, Russia and China have every right to the following defensive measures.

As the US and EU are conducting economic warfare against Russia, Russia could claim that by wrecking the Russian economy the West has deprived Russia of the ability to repay loans to the European banks. If this does not bring down the thinly capitalized EU banks, Russia can announce that as NATO countries are now officially recognized by Russian war doctrine as an enemy of the Russian state, Russia can no longer support NATO’s aggression against Russia by selling natural gas to NATO members.  If the shutdown of much of European industry, rapidly rising rates of unemployment, and bank failures do not result in the dissolution of NATO and thus the end of the threat, the Chinese can act.

The Chinese hold a very large amount of dollar-denominated financial assets.  Just as the Federal Reserve’s agents, the bullion banks, dump massive shorts onto the bullion futures markets during periods of little activity in order to drive down the bullion price, China can dump the equivalent in US Treasuries of years of Quantitative Easing in a few minutes.  If the Federal Reserve quickly creates dollars with which to purchase the enormous quantity of Treasuries so that the financial house of cards does not implode, the Chinese can then dump the dollars that they are paid for the bonds in the currency market.  Whereas the Federal Reserve can print dollars with which to purchase the Treasuries, the Fed cannot print foreign currencies with which to buy the dollars.

The dollar would collapse, and with it the power of the Hegemon.  The war would be over without a shot or missile fired.

In my view, Russia and China owe it to the world to prevent the nuclear war intended by the neoconservatives simply by replying in kind to Washington’s economic warfare.  Russia and China hold all the cards.  Not Washington.

Russia and China should give no warning.  They should just act.  Indeed, instead of step by step, Russia and China could simultaneously use the counter-measures.  With four US banks holding derivatives totaling many times world GDP, the financial explosion would be the equivalent to a nuclear one.  The US and Europe would be finished, and the world would be saved.

Larchmonter possibly is correct. 2015 could be a very good year, but pre-emptive economic moves by Moscow and Beijing could be required.  Putin’s current plan seems to be to turn away from the West, ignore the provocations, and mesh Russia’s strategic and economic interests with those of Asia.  This is a humane and reasonable course of action, but it leaves the West untroubled and undistracted by its economic vulnerabilities.  An untroubled West remains a grave danger not only to Russia and China but also to Americans and the entire world.

“In God We Trust” = The Master Plan (Revelation 16)

Ordinary Men Possessing Nuclear Weapons

How one party politics and multiple lesser conspiracies add up to an insidious Master Plan
Historic outcomes of pivotal events often dangled on threads of various possibilities. As they were outnumbered by more than two to one, an early morning fog enabled America’s future first President, George Washington with his command, to escape death or capture by British troops on Long Island, New York in 1776. As the last of 9000 men to board one of the transport boats, it’s unlikely Washington would have safely made the East River crossing without the fog’s appearance.

Subsequent U.S. history along with the world’s entire geopolitical scene could be something entirely different than it is today. America went on to develop the Atomic bomb during World War II. And had Hitler’s Germany won the race to split atoms, the world would again be different than it is– and a good number of us here today likely would never have been born at all.

Even though the U.S. knew Japan was preparing to surrender before dropping the Atomic bombs in 1945, it was bombs away as though devastation of such magnitude was a great feat of accomplishment to show the world. And certainly dropping those bombs was an unmistakable display of America’s newfound destructive power and willingness to use it. The unnecessary emotional desire to vengefully punish an enemy, accompanied by a sense of power and triumph with success, likely evolved from survival instincts and human nature as they developed through life threatening competitions and challenges over millennia. Regardless from where those primitive emotions come, at times they cause humans to make judgmental mistakes — possibly acting in fearful haste or out of shear spite — while the magnitude of such mistakes is only limited by the destructiveness at one’s disposal. It seems to go without saying, a first strike nuclear attack would be irrational under any circumstances when considering the possible retaliatory exchange with the ensuing fallout and a nuclear winter as a possibility — basically like a game of chicken with the world at stake to see who has the guts or foolishness not to back down. Very macho indeed — to play a game with everything on the line — while the push of one final button could start the entire chain reaction destroying all life as we know it. And if a nuclear attack victim isn’t capable of retaliating in kind, it would seem criminal, and should be, to detonate a nuclear weapon in the first place. The real possibility of just one nuclear strike leading to final destruction leaves only “accidental” nuclear explosions eligible for forgiveness.

While insanity conducts psychological and physical warfare with human lives in the game of geopolitical chess, life without nuclear weapons would be disappointing to those who brandish destructive power as political pry bars. No doubt, some are now rationalizing that those who could order a nuclear launch have more sense than to use such weapons. But no, they are human like everyone else, capable of atrocities, and indeed some with their finger currently on the button have already committed multiple atrocities of lesser magnitudes — so what’s to stop them from employing a nuclear weapon while using the exact same rationale? As for the majority of humans without the power to order or stop a nuclear strike, your life is not your own and could be wagered and squandered by egomaniacal power at any given time. If the greater number of humans and political officials were rational in making decisions while respecting international law, nuclear weapons wouldn’t be needed to deter anyone. And if the majority were rational, without having nuclear arms, the world could collectively remedy illegal aggression committed by any rogue nation(s) resulting in less overall destruction — with no possibility of a mass murder suicide on a planet wide scale. But if men in general, including those with nuclear weapons, are not rational at all times, then we’re all fools for allowing these weapons to remain in anyone’s hands. Any intentional use of one nuclear weapon would be confirmation of at least one madman on the loose — and not necessarily the one who launches first. The fact these weapons are in the world is a clear indication that men don’t believe other men will act rationally and stay within the boundaries of international law.

Considering the reasons behind the world’s conflicts since WWII, the fact one of these multimegaton disasters has not been launched, inviting or inciting an exchange, is just random luck at this point and nothing more. In a collective of foolhardiness’, all countries who possess nuclear weapons claim them as deterrents only. And while it may have deterred aggression at times, if that philosophy were sound, we could arm everyone with the same capabilities today and immediately end all wars… That is a delusional fantasy, not because we can’t do it, but because greater numbers of these weapons in existence, means a greater risk of one being employed. In the immediate sense, nuclear weapons threaten man’s entire future more than anything else; and just as we chose to create them, we could also choose to completely eradicate the ever-present threat.

It’s not known to most Americans that the world’s population considers America the greatest threat to peace and security in the world today. The fact the world believes this means nothing in itself unless there’s ample evidence the U.S. has been stepping well outside the boundaries of human rights and international law. Most Americans wouldn’t believe the facts warrant our dishonor as world’s greatest threat, for the same reasons they perceive America is an overall positive force that never does wrong. Ironically, by what would overwhelmingly be considered culturally as un-American, Americans have unknowingly and intentionally been systematically programmed over decades of government and mass media manipulations which created a false perception that our military actions are always defensive humanitarian affairs standing up for freedom and democracy – while also declaring or implying God is always on our side. When looking at Hitler’s Germany, it’s easily seen how mass media was an extremely powerful tool for creating or reaffirming fervent beliefs in falsehoods that incited the world to the highest level of mass destruction in history – all while God was also officially and religiously promoted as being on the side of German supremacy. Though it’s actually patriotic to question and monitor our U.S. government, the facts indicate we’ve failed in that duty to ensure and demand government actions are taken on behalf of “we the people”. This includes the failure to keep the country from entering unnecessary military entanglements or initiating illegal military actions. Any evidence pointing to America’s military actions being unjustified or illegal is met with disbelief by the overwhelming majority of citizens, while reflexive anger and outright denial generally follows. If we can’t accept factual evidence regarding our own actions, how can we possibly understand why the outside world considers us the greatest threat on the planet? Ironically again, a denial of the facts in this regard is also an indication of just how dangerous we are – to be nuclear armed while unable to accept factually documented realities concerning our present and past military actions.

Looking at relatively recent history, it’s well established that a U.S. attack on Iraq was preplanned prior to September 11, 2001, and 9-11 was then conveniently used as the excuse to launch that preplanned attack in 2003 – a crime in international law. And thanks to our manipulative media, as a collective society America has exonerated itself from personal guilt and responsibility invoking 9-11 as justification for any crimes we’ve committed since. Collectively we deny the reality that hundreds of thousands of violent Iraqi deaths and millions displaced resulted directly and indirectly from our actions – while there is no excuse, 9-11 or otherwise, that can erase or justify those millions of innocent human facts evidencing our guilt. Because we’ve acted with reckless disregard for human rights and life, we’ve compelled more to become “terrorists” (by our definition) than ever existed before. This includes groups like ISIS, gaining strength through the chaos we’ve fostered over decades of illegal misconduct in the Middle East. When taking innocent life, if we don’t expect serious resistance and revenge on some level, we’re not living in reality or we’ve been lied to – it’s actually both in the case of Iraq and decades concerning the overall Middle East. While choosing not to accept reality, there are still those who deny the invasion and occupation of Iraq, torture and all, was all illegal and a serious mistake – such is the power of propaganda justifying the unjustifiable for the American consumer. By highlighting certain facts, some being patently false, while omitting others, the press intentionally and blatantly plays an active role to bolster public support for illegal invasions.
With factual information from outside the mass media networks, comes the realization that a relatively few wealthy interests behind the scenes are profiting . As deemed by the fact people from behind the scenes are profiting from the media propaganda which transforms into military death and destruction, it amounts to human lives being less important than profits for those making the decisions. And while most Americans sense multiple perversions of truth and rationality surrounding the Iraq war, the biased media coverage has denied everyday Americans the right to make fact based opinions based on all relevant and pertinent factual information. If helping Iraqis had been our true intent we could have easily spared hundreds of thousands of lives and immeasurable misery for millions, while saving trillions of U.S. tax dollars by simply paying Saddam Hussein and his entire family to leave Iraq. Since the Iraq invasion we’ve politically subverted or bombed several other “sovereign” countries in the Middle East, and due again to blinding misrepresentations and falsehoods, most Americans have been convinced that we’re “9-11 justified” in every illegal thing we do.
Looking back, we see U.S. has a history of subversive and direct military actions, born out of fear or greed, in some combination, while thinking someone else will benefit from resources we want for ourselves. Brute military force is not persuasive for spreading democracy or freedom while it victimizes civilians innocently caught in the violence. It’s instinctively known and understood that human nature resents and resists dictatorial force or forceful imposition of any kind, but collectively Americans from their manipulated point of view refuse to acknowledge universal human nature and the right of others to resist American aggression. The absurdity and hypocrisy of claiming to help someone by imposing death and destruction while commandeering their resources should be self-evident. Americans would immediately resist if anyone wanted to impose the same on us, and we are in fact being imposed on through manipulative propaganda, but collectively we just don’t know it, and hence we are the instruments enabling those behind the scenes who orchestrate these international crimes. The irrational double standards and failures to recognize the same human nature in others that exists in ourselves, when combined with our overwhelming military arsenal, is exactly why America is the greatest danger to peace and security on earth.

America’s most recent game of geopolitical chess has been presented as starting roughly a year ago. But actually happens to be another case of a democratically elected government overthrown by a group the U.S. had financed for years. Without the U.S. backing, the February 2014 overthrow of democratic Ukraine would never have taken place as it did; and because of that fact we can credit the U.S. and those behind the scenes for the entire Ukraine affair to date. Although our government and media have been falsely throwing the blame on Putin’s Russia, we know the IMF has been behind the scenes coordinating with the US government, anticipating profits through one means or another. No matter how obviously true the evidence, the facts are certain to be denied by those who’ve illegally conspired and those who cheer America’s blatant transgressions. The puppet masters and their government puppets, major news networks, military industrial complex, the IMF and Wall Street banks — each doing their part one conspiracy at a time — all with their personal plans to profit through political subversion, chaos and aggressive militarily actions. Intentional or not, all these little conspiracies add up to the Master Plan to control the world’s resources and make profits from around the world through any means. Some of those directly involved don’t understand how they’re being used for these purposes any more than the American public. The main power brokers have their own subculture and act in orchestrated concert, and with decades of prior experience under their belts using consistent methods, some of their actions are undoubtedly intuitive and second nature by now — and in fact predictable to some degree. Because the Ukraine crisis is theirs by design, the sanctions now being imposed on Russia are another deadly and unjustifiable tool being used by those responsible — while more innocent people in and outside Russia are doing without — being economically burdened, some will suffer a slow death, all because of the Master Plan.

The falling oil prices are another move on the chess board designed to punish Russia and Iran, while a number of other western business interests are being burned by the low oil prices. Contrary to what anyone may have been told, this is neither democracy nor capitalism, but it is collective egomania, undemocratic, un-capitalistic, economic and military warfare. The U.S. tax payers may again be stuck with socialized bank losses due to Wall Street banks gambling on oil derivatives. And while there seems no concern for anyone except those making decisions and their percentage of profits from the greater overall destruction and loss of life — the entire world unjustly pays the price. By putting all life and entire world on the line, the relatively few people behind all of this are betting their obsession with deceitful orchestrations will not cause an escalation to nuclear war at some point…

While the U.S. poses the biggest threat to world peace, the thought of being without nuclear weapons is frightening to some American’s. This could be the subconscious recognition that we’re not always right — or in fact we’re guilty — while our actions are creating more enemies and turning the world against us. And because of our actions we have an exaggerated need for nuclear weapons which gives us a false sense of security. Who would risk challenging a cabal of deceitfulness that manufactures delusions while brandishing thousands of nuclear warheads and wielding a military that rivals or exceeds the capabilities of the rest of the world combined? Russians, Middle Easterners, South Americans and people around the world, including Americans — they’re all challenging the totalitarian cabal as they resist being exploited economically and militarily by those pulling the strings over the U.S. government…

It’s become obvious over recent decades that neither major political party in the U.S. is representing “we the people”. They both represent the same wealthy entities that corrupt policy makers and control the content of our biased and “error” filled media — which means we only have one party. A lot of right wingers refer to Barack Obama as having too much power. But those same conservatives refuse to acknowledge it was G. W. Bush who scared them enough to surrender their rights with the Patriot Act — which handed more power to the Presidency and government in general. And it is true, while liberal democrat supporters are caught up in utopian dreams of how they’d like things to be, Obama has taken the excessive power Bush started rolling and ran it further in the same wrong direction. Either party could easily capitalize on the current political reality by unmasking the deceitful abomination America has become. Uninformed and would-be patriotic Americans along with world citizens are literally dying for the simple truth to be told. The fact neither party is attempting to capitalize by exposing the truth, is proof that they’re not representing the public’s interests. Our “election” process has come down to those behind the scenes screening and grooming political candidates through various political events and functions. Ultimately those willing to subordinate the interests and security of the American public to corporate and special interests, are the ones who receive campaign funding. And it’s now required for media “professionals” to sacrifice America by sacrificing the factual truth in reporting – otherwise they won’t become employed or stay employed by a major media network. We know corporate and special interest money is nonpartisan and supports both parties — so they win regardless of which party holds office — while the people lose either way. Many placed hope in Obama that one politician could rise above the corruption by exposing the truth behind it all. But Obama was just another slick talker who started reneging on his promises within a few days of taking the oath. And here we are today waiting for the unreality of what America has become, to be seen and understood by Americans for what it truly is.

This From The Leader Of Islam That Says “GOD BEGETS NO SON” (Quran 23)

By Salma Abdelaziz, CNN
December 30, 2014 — Updated 1514 GMT (2314 HKT)
Khamenei's Iron Fist

Khamenei’s Iron Fist
  • Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei compares U.S. protests to Middle East conflicts
  • One tweet included #BlackLivesMatter, a hashtag popularized by supporters of Eric Garner

Abu Dhabi (CNN) — In a series of blunt tweets over the holiday weekend, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei entered America’s debate on race and police violence — comparing unrest in states like New York and Missouri to conflicts in the Middle East.

On Sunday he tweeted: “#Jesus endured sufferings to oppose tyrants who had put humans in hell in this world& the hereafter while he backed the oppressed. #Ferguson”
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the country’s chief political and religious authority, acknowledged the role of Jesus in Islamic theology and compared the biblical prophet’s struggle to that of black people in the United States.
The tweet included #BlackLivesMatter, a hashtag popularized in recent weeks by supporters of Eric Garner, a 43-year old African-American man that died after being put in a chokehold by a NYPD officer.
It read: “It’s expected that followers of #Jesus follow him in his fight against arrogants and in his support for the oppressed. #BlackLivesMatter”
On Christmas Eve, the Ayatollah lumped the struggle of Palestinians in the Gaza strip with protests in Ferguson, Missouri, where black teenager Michael Brown was shot dead by police, and called on members of all three monotheistic faiths to stand-up against oppression.
The tweet said: “#Jesus like all prophets was herald of monotheism& human dignity; nowadays humanity needs this message more than ever.#Ferguson #Gaza 1/1/93″
The unverified Twitter account, widely accepted as the mouthpiece of the Ayatollah’s social media campaign, often posts diatribes against the West and Israel to its more than 91,000 followers.
In August of this year, the leader published a poignant image that criticized President Barack Obama’s support for Israel during the country’s military operation to debilitate Hamas, a group many Western nations including the U.S. designate as a terrorist organization.
“US govt has subjugated a great nation w/ massive resources to a criminal regime like #Israel.10/31/12 #Ferguson #Gaza,” it said.
In response, some Twitter users accused the Ayatollah of hypocrisy, and tweeted him with hashtags such as #AllLivesMatter, #GayLivesMatter and #KurdishLivesMatter.
In its 2013 report on Iran, Human Rights Watch said: “Many civil society activists remained in prison on political charges. Authorities regularly subjected prisoners, especially those convicted on politically motivated charges, to abuse and deprive them of necessary medical treatment.
“Iranian women continued to face discrimination in many areas including personal status matters. Authorities restricted political participation and employment of minority groups, who account for about 10% of the population.”

Government Has Long History Of Nuclear Deception

Home Office dismissed nuclear winter threat as scaremongering, files show
1984 memo released by National Archives shows civil servants decided not to research possible consequences of nuclear war

Owen Bowcott | The Guardian
Monday 29 December 2014 19.01 EST

Threats that civilisation would be devastated by “nuclear winter” after conflict with the Soviet Union were dismissed as scaremongering, according to Home Office files.

Officials were more interested in monitoring the activities of campaigners opposed to cruise missiles, documents released by the National Archives in Kew reveal.

A confidential file on “Nuclear winter – global atmospheric consequences of nuclear war” shows that civil servants in the department’s emergency planning section, F6, decided they did not need to research the disputed phenomenon.

An internal memo in December 1984 records: “It was agreed with F6 that no assessment of the [nuclear winter] theory would be carried out by the branch and as such our interest is limited to general reading which could not be regarded as following the subject in any depth.”

The theory predicted that multiple exchanges of nuclear warheads would result in firestorms generating massive black smoke clouds that would rise into the stratosphere, blocking out sunlight and depressing temperatures at ground level around the Earth for months if not years. It had gained popular currency with the release of the US television film The Day After in 1983 and the BBC’s Threads in 1984, both of which dramatised the consequences of a nuclear conflict.

After newspaper reports that American scientists had confirmed the hypothesis, MPs who sought advice were provided with a briefing note informing them: “The government believes that the outbreak of war is extremely unlikely and our policy of deterrence is aimed at keeping it that way.”

Another Home Office memo records: “This theme has been taken up with enthusiasm by the anti-nuclear movement, which has tended to present the nuclear winter … as accepted scientific fact ignoring important qualifications expressed even by scientists working on the theory. Unfortunately such a presentation has been generally accepted by the public.”

Closer attention was paid to anti-nuclear activists. “CND is planning to … recapture its earlier momentum by major campaigns against cruise and Trident in 1985,” the Home Office files note. ”The main focus of its protest activity will switch to RAF Molesworth and will involve increased willingness to use tactics of civil disobedience to disrupt construction work at the site.”

Faslane Peace camp, according to one memo, “is reported to be bankrupt”. CND itself, the Home Office, concluded, “is no mere front organisation and there is no evidence of Soviet funding”.

The Greenham Common women, it was said, received support from CND and other organisations, “although some are clearly uncomfortable about their strident all-female attitude”.

Anti-nuclear groups were under surveillance. “Data is now collected on demonstrations and incidents by anti-nuclear groups at MoD establishments,” the file states.

In the battle for public sympathy, pro-nuclear groups received official help. “Continued government support – both financial and through the provision of nuclear PR material – will be necessary,” one report records. “Co-ordination of [their] activities … is best left, in general, to the groups themselves although periodic advice and encouragement from ministers will continue to be valuable.”

Architectural drawings of DIY nuclear blast-proof shelters were commissioned for the latest edition of the Protect and Survive pamphlets. They suggested householders excavate holes in their living rooms and build “igloo shelters”; the components cost £554 – about £1,500 in today’s money.

Preparations for BBC emergency broadcasting in the event of a war came up against the realisation that it would be difficult to protect transmitters against the destructive effects of electromagnetic pulses caused by nuclear explosions.

“The primary purpose of broadcasting to the outside world after a nuclear attack,” one letter remarked, “would presumably be to let the world know that organised society still existed in the UK.”

The corporation’s World Service submitted a plan to provide a 24-hour, worldwide service from six sites that would have to be nuclear “hardened”. It included rations for “10,000 man days” and protective clothing. The estimated cost was £15.8m (about £44m now).

“Our immediate reaction is that these proposals are based on a much too ambitious specification which we simply cannot afford,” a Foreign Office official responded.

A separate memorandum was headed: “Spontaneous evacuation of civil population in a future war.” A weary civil servant observed: “Another hare, the breakdown of public morale in a war emergency and consequent flight from the capital, was let loose.

“This is a hoary subject in the civil defence planning world (as opposed to the real world) on a footing with others such as ‘will staff turn up for duty on the day?’

“No one doubts the need to maintain a war effort … If the public is not with the war effort then the war would be loseable without a single nuclear weapon being exploded on England’s green and pleasant land.

“The guts of the matter is that in a war emergency a task of the police would be to ensure that, as it does in peacetime (eg peak holiday weekends), that the country does not come to a grinding halt through traffic congestion howsoever caused.”

Even Pakistan Is Worried About A Dirty Bomb

IS’s threat of nuclear terrorism
Dirty Bomb

With the establishment of Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq, and its secret networks and propaganda campaign in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the international community has now focused on the proliferation and smuggling of chemical and biological weapons in the region. The recent debate in Europe-based think tanks suggests that, as the group retrieved nuclear and biological material from the Mosul University in Iraq, it can possibly make nuclear explosive devices with less than eight kilogrammes plutonium. The debate about bioterrorism and bio-defence is not entirely new in the military circles of South Asia; the involvement of IS in using biological weapons against the Kurdish army in Kobane is a lesson for Pakistan and Afghanistan to deeply concentrate on the proliferation of these weapons in the region.

A document from Pakistan’s Internal Security Policy (2014-2018) categorically stated that the country’s security faces the threat of nuclear terrorism. The threat, according to the document’s contents, is in addition to the possibility of chemical and biological terrorism. As the fatal war against terrorism has entered a crucial phase, another powerful extremist militant group (IS) has emerged with a strong and well-trained army in Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan to establish an Islamic state. The massacre of 100 innocent civilians, including an Afghan national army soldier in the Ajristan district of Ghazni province, Afghanistan by IS forces, and the brutal killings of children in the army school in Peshawar have raised serious questions about the future of security and stability in South Asia. The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed responsibility and called it a revenge attack for the Pakistan army’s Operation Zarb-e-Azb in North Waziristan and FATA regions.

As Islamic State (IS) now controls parts of Iraq and Syria and has carried out successful attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the group now wants to expand its terror networks from Afghanistan to Kashmir. According to some confirmed reports, hundreds of Pakistanis have joined the army of IS in Syria and Iraq. In October 2014, six leaders of the TTP announced their allegiance to IS. IS propaganda material has begun to crop up in various parts of Pakistan. Secret networks of IS are in contact with different sectarian and political groups in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and receive financial assistance from business communities. The TTP commanders of Orakzai Agency, Kurram Agency, Khyber Agency, Peshawar and Hangu district have announced their allegiance to the IS military command.

The problem of nuclear and biological terrorism deserves special attention from the governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan because the army of IS can develop a dirty bomb in which explosives can be combined with a radioactive source like those commonly used in hospitals or extractive industries. The use of this weapon might have severe health effects, causing more disruption than destruction. Political and military circles in Pakistan fear that, as IS has already seized chemical weapons in Al Muthanna, in northern Iraq, some disgruntled retired military officers or experts in nuclear explosive devices might help the Pakistan chapter of the group deploy biological and chemical weapons. A letter by the Iraqi government to the UN warned that the militant-captured chemical weapons site contains 2,500 chemical rockets filled with the nerve agent Sarin.

In Europe, there is the general perception that IS has already used some dangerous gases in Iraq. Therefore, it could use biological weapons against civilian populations in Pakistan. If control over these weapons is weak, or if their components are available in the open market, there would be huge destruction in the region. In July 2014, the government of Iraq notified that nuclear material had been seized by the IS army from Mosul University. IS has a 19-page document in Arabic on how to develop biological weapons, and a 26-page religious fatwa that allows the use of weapons of mass destruction. “If Muslims cannot defeat the kafir (non-believers) in a different way, it is permissible to use weapons of mass destruction,” warns the fatwa.

The effects of chemical weapons are worse as they cause death or incapacitation, while biological weapons cause death or disease in humans, animals or plants. We have two international treaties that ban the use of such weapons. Notwithstanding all these preventive measures, the threat of chemical or biological warfare persists. In 2011 and 2013, there were complaints and allegations that some states wanted to target Pakistan with biological weapons. The country has been trying to counter biological attacks but has failed due to limited funds and medical knowledge. As Pakistan noted in its statement to the Meeting of States Parties in December 2013: “Pakistan ratified the Biological and Toxic Weapons Convention (BTWC) in 1974 as a non-possessor state and remains fully committed to implementing all provisions of the convention.”

The fatalities of dengue and ebola viruses in Pakistan and West Africa are the worst forms of bioterrorism. In 2011, the Pakistan Medical Association called on the ISI to investigate fears of the deliberate spread of the deadly disease in Punjab. There are speculations that, in future, measles, dengue, polio and the ebola viruses can be used as weapons of bioterrorism in Pakistan. Some states might use drones for the purposes of bio-war against their rival states. In 2013, writing in the Global Policy journal, Amanda M Teckman warned that IS might possibly use ebola as a weapon against the civilian population: “It remains to be seen if a terrorist group like IS, which has demonstrated a willingness to engage in large scale mass murder, including the uninhibited murder of civilians, has the capability to produce a weaponised version of ebola.” The University of Birmingham Policy Commission Report warned that terrorists could also turn remotely piloted aircraft into flying bombs by hooking them up to improvised explosive devices. Sir David, a former British intelligence researcher, warned that drones had gained a reputation as unaccountable killing machines because of their widespread use in the US’s controversial anti-terrorist campaigns in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

The writer is the author of Punjabi Taliban and can be reached at

Daniel 8:3 The Large Horn Aids The Small Horn

Iranian military clout in Iraq grows with fight against terrorists

The previous Persian Empire

The previous Persian Empire
By The Washington Post

Sunday, Dec. 28, 2014, 12:01 a.m.

In the eyes of Obama administration officials, equally concerned about the rise of the brutal Islamist group, that’s an acceptable role — for now.
Yet American officials remain apprehensive about the potential for renewed friction with Iran as American troops return to a limited mission in Iraq, either directly or via Iranian-backed militias that once attacked U.S. personnel on a regular basis.
A senior Iranian cleric with close ties to Tehran’s leadership, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss security matters, said that since the Islamic State captured much of northern Iraq in June, Iran has sent more than 1,000 military advisers as well as elite units to Iraq and has spent more than $1 billion on military aid.
“The areas that have been liberated from Daesh have been thanks to Iran’s advice, command, leaders and support,” the cleric said, using the Arabic acronym for the group.

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Iran Uses Babylon’s Technology Against Itself

‘Suicide Drones’ Launched By Iran, US Warship Scrambled Off Says Navy Chiefs

By Athena Yenko | December 29, 2014 4:51 PM EST
The locally made suicide drone was designed to hit potential enemies on land, air and sea by dropping explosives, Iran’s Brig Gen Ahmad Reza Pourdastan said. The military drill is being participated by 13,000 Iranian military men and is the first drill conducted offshore attended by the Iranian navy. The drill also involves test fires of the country’s ballistic missiles and cyber warfare technology.

“Mohammed The Delegate of G-d” military war game is said to be an unspoken message addressed to the Houthis in Yemen. The group had been capturing towns in Yemen. Through the drill, Iran wanted to assure the group that the country is committed in helping it establish strategic positions in the region, Arutz Sheva reported.

On Dec 28, an spy plane identified to be of the United States had scrambled away from the military drill zone after stern warning from Iran’s Airborne Division of Iran’s Navy. There were also sightings prompting warnings against international warships patrolling the zone, Navy Chief Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said as reported by the Tehran Times.

Sayyari said that these military vessels from other countries flew the area even if it was marked for lunching missiles and torpedoes for the drills and prior warnings days before the drill started. The zone had been planted with mines to prevent “mock enemy” from entering Iran’s coastal areas. He warned that military planes and ships who exhibit hostility by refusing to leave the zone after repeated warnings should deal with “any consequences” that may arise with the situation.

Iran had been improving its navy, missile systems, drones and cyber warfare technology in past years amidst its supreme leader openly calling for the Israel to be annihilated. It had also warned of closing the Strait of Hormuz any moment that forces from Western countries hit its nuclear facilities.