Russia Extends Her Nuclear Horn: Daniel 7

Nuclear missiles transported in a convoy of military trucks. Evergreen trees in the background and flecks of snow imply the photo was taken in Russia.

Russia Orders Nuclear Arms To Be Sent To Belarus

This past Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered tactical nuclear weapons to be sent to Russia’s ally, Belarus. As of now, there are no signs that Russia is currently moving or has already moved weapons to Belarus, but President Joe Biden – along with officials in Ukraine and Lithuania, both of which border Belarus – remains concerned about the possibility.

Putin stated that he decided to send weapons because of similar decisions made by the United Kingdom and United States, which have sent tactical nuclear weapons and armor-piercing shells to allies including Ukraine, Turkey, and Belgium.

Lithuanian officials believe that the weapons order is Russia’s attempt to threaten the entire European continent. If Belarus does receive nuclear weapons, it is likely that the Russian agenda will utilized those weapons to target countries both in and out of N.A.T.O. in Eastern and Central Europe. This would put several European countries and their citizens in danger.

Specifically, Russia’s ongoing war on Ukraine makes the latter a likely target, especially because Belarus borders a large portion of northwestern and central Ukraine. This would allow Russia to send missiles there both more easily and more quickly.

Whether Putin’s weapons are used to harm other countries or only brandished as a threat, the possibility of nuclear warfare is quite alarming. Therefore, Ukraine has contacted the United Nations Security Council (U.N.S.C.) in response and requested an emergency meeting. Joining with other countries to create a united front against Russia is the best way to handle the threat Russia poses to international peace. By discussing the nuclear threat, the U.N.S.C. can create measures to prevent conflict and maintain international peace and security.

Ukrainian officials did the right thing when they contacted the U.N.S.C. and asked to set up a meeting. The U.N.S.C. should launch an investigation of this potential threat to international peace.

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