Pakistan’s economic crises can lead to the first nuclear war: Revelation 8

Can Pakistan’s economic crises lead to nuclear terror?

Present-day Pakistan is on the brink of collapse, plagued by longstanding and crippling problems that have left it reliant on outside help. The country’s economy has been decimated by corrupt officials and a small group of wealthy business and bureaucratic elites who hold the reins of power. Currently, Pakistan’s foreign debt accounts for 80% of its GDP, and its representatives are forced to travel to other friendly nations to seek loans with exorbitant interest rates, ultimately paid for by the Pakistani people. Additionally, the country’s foreign reserves are inadequate, totaling only Rs 25 thousand crore, enough to cover just three weeks’ worth of expenses.

This situation has led to various crises, with politicians willing to risk national assets to try to solve the country’s economic problems. One of Pakistan’s most powerful assets is its nuclear arsenal, which is seen as essential to its existence in the face of its rivals, India and Israel.

SBP governor, secretaries attend WB and IMF spring meetings today

Aristocrats of Pakistan are hindering national growth by focusing on personal issues rather than constitutional matters. They claim that they will not sell off Pakistan’s nuclear assets under any circumstances. Civilian unrest has yet to escalate to the point of clashing with police or rangers, but if stringent measures and corrective actions are not taken soon, Pakistan could be compared to war-torn countries such as Syria, Yemen, and some African nations, suffering from internal terrorism and civil war that spreads into neighboring countries. SAJID ALI NAICH, Khairpur Nathan Shah.

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