Pakistani Horn flexing ‘Nuclear Muscles’: Revelation 8

Pakistan flexing ‘Nuclear Muscles’

February 7, 2023

As the saying goes – A dog’s tail is crooked even if it were put in a cast for 40 years. The incorrigible is never cured of his bad habits. Despite Pakistan licking the ground after four wars it thrusted-upon India and more recently going almost bankrupt and facing hunger, it flexes its Nuclear muscles against India.

Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif threatened India boasting -” Pakistan has power to pull out the enemy’s evil eye and crush it under its feet.”

“Pakistan is a nuclear power, and India cannot look at us with an evil eye,” Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said in an address in Pakistan occupied Kashmir on Sunday, as streamed by various news and social channels. We have the ability to take it out and crush it beneath our feet.” He also sung the Kashmir rhetoric again, emphasising the importance of achieving economic and political stability “in order to achieve freedom for the Kashmiris reiterating Pakistan’s continuous moral, diplomatic, and political support to the ‘Kashmir cause’ until it is liberated from Indian oppression.”

This is not the first time Pakistan has brandished its nuclear capabilities in front of India. Islamabad has repeatedly escalated cross-border intrusions and stated that the country’s nuclear assets meet international standards. The politicians, ruling and otherwise, all have been on record invariably brow-beating India by delivering nuclear threats.

Strangely, in an interview with Dubai-based Al Arabiya TV only in early January, the Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif stated that after three wars with India, Pakistan has learned its lesson and now seeks peace with its neighbour. His statement, ‘We have learned our lesson, and we want to live in peace with India as long as we can solve our genuine problems, was taken by many observers in India and abroad as a sense of realisation for discarding the long-held mindset in the Pakistan establishment.

Sharif also conveyed his message to the Indian leadership and Prime Minister Modi, wherein he wanted to sit down on the table and have serious and sincere talks to resolve their burning points like Kashmir adding, ‘It is up to us to live peacefully and progress, or to argue and waste time and resources.”

Raking up the two postures taken by the Pak Prime Minister just within a month raises a question on his mental stability and clarity over the most important issue of having good relations with India.

Interestingly, while delivering the nuclear threat while addressing a rally in PoK, Sharief admitted his country’s enormous financial crisis, poverty and hunger.

Such dubious character of Pakistan’s political leadership and establishment has been responsible for loss of its face in the international community and before India particularly. Indian leadership has fully realised that Pakistan will never mend its ways and thus there is no need to entertain its pleas until Pakistan shun the politics of terrorism on its soil directed against India.

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