Russian Horn deploys nuclear capable ICBMs to Ukraine: Daniel 7

Putin and the YARS

Russia deploys nuclear capable ICBMs to western Russia as Putin gears up offence

The Russian Federation has taken the decision to deploy nuclear-capable ICBMs to Tver Oblast, escalating the conflict in Ukraine further. The move by the country amid fierce fighting around the Donbas.


17:40, Mon, Jan 16, 2023 | UPDATED: 19:03, Mon, Jan 16, 2023

The Russian Federation has deployed intercontinental ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) to Tver Oblast region of Russia, close to its border with Belarus and within range of Ukraine. The move marks an increase in tension amid fierce fighting around the Soledar and Bakhmut in east Ukraine.

In a statement, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation said: “In the Bologovsky missile formation (Tver region), autonomous launchers of the Yars PGRK have been deployed to combat patrol routes.”

They added that the crews of the systems “will carry out the tasks of completing a march up to 100 kilometres long, dispersing units with a change in field positions, their engineering equipment, organizing camouflage and combat protection” reported Iterfax.

They added: “Planned combat training measures make it possible to check the readiness of personnel, as well as weapons and military equipment, for long-term duty on combat patrol routes.”

The Yars forms part of Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces whose main aims, they say, are to use these missiles for the purposes of nuclear deterrence.

As a result, although the missiles are not on the border with Ukraine, their position in the far west of Russia within range of the country implies an element of intimidation on the part fo the Russian state.

The YARS forms of part of Russia’s nuclear deterrent (Image: Getty Images)

On the strategic implication of Yars, the MDAA said: “The RS-24 Yars has been at the forefront of Russian efforts to modernize its nuclear forces.

“The Yars gives the ground based element of Russia’s Nuclear Triad increased effectiveness through its ability to evade missile defense systems.

“The missile has the capability to maneuver during flight and deploy both active and passive decoys which gives Yars the advantage against modern missile defense systems.”

They added: “The RS-24 is Road-mobile and can deploy in retired Russian missile silos making the missile more difficult to detect.

“This coupled with the fact that the Yars only takes 7 minutes to launch poses serious threats to the missile defense system used by the US to protect its homeland and its allies.”

The reason why the deployment of Yars is so important is because Ukraine’s missile interception systems are proving an increasingly hard nut for the Russian forces to crack.

As a result, this is causing Russia to through more and more heavy artillery at the country.

This includes taking nuclear capable missiles and firing them without the nuclear warheads in place.

In an intelligence update last month, the UK said: “Russia is likely removing the nuclear warheads from ageing nuclear cruise missiles and firing the unarmed munitions at Ukraine.”

The Ministry of Defence added: “Whatever Russia’s intent, this improvisation highlights the level of depletion in Russia’s stock of long-range missiles.”

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