What Happens when Russia Attacks with Nuclear Weapons? Revelation 16

Russia ICBM

What Happens if Russia Attacks with Nuclear Weapons?

Story by Robert Farley • Yesterday 1:29 PM

Russia Nuclear War© Provided by 1945

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What will the battlefield in Ukraine look like?

The impact of the use of a nuclear device in Ukraine will depend on the details. 

Like any large-scale industrial army, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have obvious pressure points that would be vulnerable to nuclear attack. These include logistical centers, command and communications nodes, and concentrations of front-line forces.

During the Cold War the Soviet Union expected to use tactical nuclear weapons against NATO (and expected that NATO would use them in return) and it is therefore likely that the Russian armed forces have workable theories as to how they might best use tactical nukes to inflict damage on Ukraine’s fielded forces. At the same time, we should refrain from overstating the damage that such weapons can inflict on forces in the field, as most tactical nukes have limited destructive effects and rely on careful targeting.

Of the political effect on the war we can say almost nothing of use at this point. We don’t know whether the Ukrainian leadership and polity would become more or less flexible following a nuclear detonation. The only example of such an attack comes from Japan, and the differences in context are vast.

Note: Image is of a generic Russian mobile ICBM.

Nuclear Weapons

Russian Mobile ICBMs. Image Credit: Creative Commons.


Russian Mobile ICBMs. Image Credit: Creative Commons.


Russian mobile missile. Image Credit: Creative Commons.

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