Nuclear risk is rising: Revelation 16

Nuclear risk is rising: Putin

Md Rezwan Karim, Staff Reporter:

Update: 8 Dec 2022, 10:47 amPublished: 8 Dec 2022, 10:44

Vladimir Putin has stated that the fear of nuclear war is increasing, but he insists that Russia has not “gone insane” and would not deploy nuclear weapons first.

Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated that his country would only deploy nuclear weapons in reaction to an attack.

He also stated that the conflict in Ukraine might be a “lengthy process” when speaking at Russia’s annual human rights council conference.

Western diplomats believe Putin intended for a quick triumph. Russia’s nuclear capability has been under heightened scrutiny since it invaded Ukraine in February.

“Such a threat is developing; it would be irresponsible to hide it,” Putin said, speaking via video connection from Moscow about the possibility of nuclear war.

However, he stated that Russia would “under no circumstances” use its nuclear weapons first and would not threaten anybody with its stockpile.

“We haven’t gone insane; we understand what nuclear weapons are,” he said, adding, “and we’re not about to run around the world brandishing this weapon like a razor.”

Putin also boasted that Russia possessed the most modern and advanced nuclear weapons in the world, and compared Russia’s nuclear strategy to that of the United States, which he claimed had gone further than Russia by locating its nuclear weapons on foreign soil.

“We do not have nuclear weapons, even tactical ones, on the soil of other nations,” he explained, “but the Americans have – in Turkey and a number of other European countries.”

Putin previously stated that Russia’s nuclear doctrine only permitted the defensive use of nuclear weapons.

Putin appeared to accept that his plan to declare victory within days of invading Ukraine had failed, and he allowed that the conflict may be a “lengthy process.”

However, he stated that the results had already been “important,” citing the new territory unlawfully seized by Russia following fake referendums in four regions of Ukraine.


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