China Horn Stockpiles Nukes: Daniel 7

China Stockpiles Nukes

December 2, 2022

China is stockpiling nuclear warheads and is expected to reach numbers comparable to Russia and the United States, according to a Pentagon report released November 29.

  • The Department of Defense estimates that, as of 2021, the People’s Liberation Army (pla) has over 400 nuclear-capable warheads.
  • It expects the pla to stockpile up to 1,500 of them by 2035. This would make China the third nation in the world, behind Russia and America, to reach over 1,000 nuclear weapons.

By the 2030s, the United States for the first time will need to deter two major nuclear powers [Russia and China], each of whom will field modern and diverse global and regional nuclear forces.
—U.S. National Security Strategy

Nuclear age prophesied: In Matthew 24:21-24, Jesus Christ warns that right before His Second Coming will be a time of unprecedented tribulation. “[E]xcept those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved,” He said. In Nuclear Armageddon Is ‘At the Door,’Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry shows that this passage could only be describing nuclear war. The proliferation of nuclear weapons has created an age in which total human annihilation is possible.

[A]ll this nuclear insanity is also a part of the sign of the Second Coming and the sign of the end of the age when Christ will save humanity from totally exterminating itself!
—Gerald Flurry

China’s determination to expand its nuclear arsenal is pushing the world toward this prophesied war.

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