How much damage will Russia’s tactical nuclear weapons do?

How much damage could Russia’s tactical nuclear weapons do?

Our podcast on science and technology. This week, we explain how nuclear weapons work and how they could be deployed in Ukraine

Oct 18th 2022Share

THE WAR in Ukraine has raised the nuclear threat to its highest level since the Cuban missile crisis. What types of nuclear weapons could be used in Ukraine, and how much damage could they do?

Cheryl Rofer, a former nuclear scientist at America’s Los Alamos National Laboratory, describes the “tactical” nukes in Russia’s arsenal. Patricia Lewis, research director for international security at Chatham House, explains the destruction that would be wrought if the war turned nuclear. Plus, Shashank Joshi, The Economist’s defence editor, analyses whether Russia’s recent military setbacks increase the risk of nuclear conflict. Alok Jha hosts. Runtime: 36 min

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