A Closer Look At The Sixth Seal (Revelation 6:12)

A Look at the Tri-State’s Active Fault Line
Monday, March 14, 2011
By Bob Hennelly
The Ramapo Fault is the longest fault in the Northeast that occasionally makes local headlines when minor tremors cause rock the Tri-State region. It begins in Pennsylvania, crosses the Delaware River and continues through Hunterdon, Somerset, Morris, Passaic and Bergen counties before crossing the Hudson River near Indian Point nuclear facility.
In the past, it has generated occasional activity that generated a 2.6 magnitude quake in New Jersey’s Peakpack/Gladstone area and 3.0 magnitude quake in Mendham.
But the New Jersey-New York region is relatively seismically stable according to Dr. Dave Robinson, Professor of Geography at Rutgers. Although it does have activity.
„There is occasional seismic activity in New Jersey,“ said Robinson. „There have been a few quakes locally that have been felt and done a little bit of damage over the time since colonial settlement — some chimneys knocked down in Manhattan with a quake back in the 18th century, but nothing of a significant magnitude.“
Robinson said the Ramapo has on occasion registered a measurable quake but has not caused damage: „The Ramapo fault is associated with geological activities back 200 million years ago, but it’s still a little creaky now and again,“ he said.
„More recently, in the 1970s and early 1980s, earthquake risk along the Ramapo Fault received attention because of its proximity to Indian Point,“ according to the New Jersey Geological Survey website.
Historically, critics of the Indian Point Nuclear facility in Westchester County, New York, did cite its proximity to the Ramapo fault line as a significant risk.
In 1884, according to the New Jersey Geological Survey website, the  Rampao Fault was blamed for a 5.5 quake that toppled chimneys in New York City and New Jersey that was felt from Maine to Virginia.
„Subsequent investigations have shown the 1884 Earthquake epicenter was actually located in Brooklyn, New York, at least 25 miles from the Ramapo Fault,“ according to the New Jersey Geological Survey website.

Khamenei highlights Babylon the Great’s double standards

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Ayatollah Khamenei highlights West’s double standards

October 10, 2022 – 22:18

TEHRAN – In a recently published speech that was delivered in September, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei reflected on the double standards employed by the West in various fields, including sports boycotts.

The Leader said the West has moved to politicize sports despite its claims to the contrary. “You’ve seen what they have done with sports after the war in Ukraine! They banned some countries from participating in sporting events for political reasons. That is, they cross their own red lines with ease when it’s in their interest. But then when our athlete refuses to compete with a Zionist opponent, they complain about it,” he said, according to khamanei.ir. 

He made the remarks in a September 11 meeting with officials of the second National Congress of Sports Martyrs. the speech that the Leader delivered during that meeting was broadcast at the venue of the congress on October 10, 2022.

Underlining that athletes should be careful not to trample on values for the sake of a medal, Ayatollah Khamenei said, “Sometimes a person might be deprived of a medal when the athlete refuses to compete with his/her opponent who has been sent by the usurping regime. He/she is deprived of getting the medal, but he/she is victorious. If anyone violates this principle, it means that he/she’s violating his/her moral victory for the sake of obtaining a technical victory in appearances. If you compete with that opponent, if you face them, it means that you’ve officially recognized the usurping regime – the regime that murders children, that mass murderer.”

He added, “Therefore, no matter what interests are at stake here, it’s still not worth it for someone to [compete against that opponent]. This is where we hear the leaders of arrogant powers and their followers, and in fact, the servants of the world’s superpowers, raising their voices to say, ‘Hey, don’t politicize sports!’”

The Leader’s remarks were made within the context of showing the authenticity of Iranian athletes refraining from competing with Israeli rivals, a move that has long been billed by Western media as a politicization of sports. 

However, the Leader indicated that the Iranian athletes’ abstention is morally correct and should not see through the prism of Western double standards. Because the West itself employs double standards in fields that are not limited to sporting events.

Pundits believe that these double standards have been employed in issues such as human rights, terrorism, social media, and freedom of expression. For instance, the West has gravely violated human rights in many West Asian countries such as Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. In Iran, the West has imposed severe economic sanctions that have negatively impacted the lives of ordinary Iranians. Also, the West has supported terrorist groups while pretending to counter terrorism. 
Iran stands among the few countries in the world that highlighted the West’s double standards in various fields. And this has come at a great cost. 

Israeli occupation’s killing outside the Temple Walls will not go unnoticed: Revelation 11

Oct 10, 2022

Hamas: Israeli occupation’s killing of Palestinian civilians will not go unnoticed 

The Hamas movement mourns the death of Palestinian minor Mahmoud Samoudi, 12, who was injured by Israeli occupation forces’ while invading the occupied West Bank city of Jenin a few days ago.

We call on the Palestinian people to remain steadfast in the face of the Israeli occupation forces and settlers’ attacks and reiterate that the killing of defenceless Palestinians will not go unnoticed.

How the Pakistani Horn Shut Down Syria: Daniel 8

Representative photo
Representational image 

Pakistani Scientist AQ Khan Led Israel To Syrian Nuclear Sites, Saved From Existential Threat: Ex-Intelligence Chief

Pakistani nuclear scientist AQ Khan sold nuclear weapons technology to Libya, Syria, and North Korea. He is known as the Father of the Pakistani Nuclear Program. The Syrian nuclear program was a copy of North Korea’s.

    UPDATED: 10 OCT 2022 7:44 PM

    A former top Israeli intelligence official has revealed that Israel came very close to having an existential threat because of its misguided approach regarding the then-suspected Syria nuclear program

    The Israeli intelligence agency Mossad followed the trail of Pakistani nuclear scientist AQ Khan, whose trail ultimately led them to the Syrian nuclear weapons program, said Dr. Amnon Sofrin, a former head of Mossad’s intelligence division, in a recent interview.  

    Khan is known as the Father of Pakistan’s Nuclear Program. He went rogue and sold nuclear weapons technology to several countries such as Libya and North Korea. Israelis ultimately found that Syrian nuclear reactors were a copy of North Korea’s, sayd Sofrin.

    Sofrin told Times of Israel‘s sister publication Zman Israel that Khan was the “seed of calamity” whose trail had to be “sniffed” around. 

    After learning of Khan-Syria nexus, Israel bombed the Syrian nuclear facility and demolished it in 2007. The mission was named Operation Outside the Box. 

    How Israel tracked and linked AQ Khan to Syria

    Sofrin described the tortuous developments ahead of a decisive conversation he had with then-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert during which the premier was informed that within a few weeks Syria was set to become a nuclear-capable nation.

    In 2003, Israeli intelligence was caught unaware when the British and Americans announced that they managed to convince Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to give up his plans for nuclear weapons in exchange for lifting sanctions, said Sofrin.

    “With the American announcement, we realised that the Pakistanis were heavily involved in Libya,” said Sofrin, adding that the person behind the project was Khan, a disgraced Pakistani physicist who sold his nuclear know-how to anyone who wanted it.

    Dr Khan’s Laden Connections

    He added, “I looked at the data and said to myself, ‘If Dr. Khan is the project manager, let’s see where else he has been in the Middle East’. After a quick check, three countries jumped out at me: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. I immediately dismissed the first two because of their dependence on and fear of the US.”

    Israel received certain information in early 2000s from a third party about Syrian activities related to nuclear centrifuges, but it was “raw and initial”, and did not develop to the point of being enough to launch an intelligence operation.

    Sofrin said, “I told my people, ‘Let’s see what’s going on. Is there something here that we didn’t recognise before as a suspicious sign?’ I took two of my researchers —veteran and experienced— and asked them to take all the material from the last decade and analyse Syria’s intentions in the context of the Libyan case.

    “My idea was to focus on the relationship with the Pakistanis and whether there is anything in the intelligence that could point to a nuclear project. After a month and a half of work, they came back to me with a clear conclusion that Syria has a nuclear programme.”

    In February 2004, Mossad issued a first warning about the possibility of a nuclear project in Syria.

    Israel decides to end Syria’s nuclear plans

    Sofrin said the Mossad document “clearly pointed” to suspicious activity based on the Libyan experience and the involvement of the Pakistani scientist. 

    Both Israeli Military Intelligence and the Mossad were then deep in a global intelligence operation to understand Syrian President Bashar Assad’s intentions and the meetings of the two organisations to discuss the situation had multiplied and become more and more frequent.

    Racing against time as Syria was almost on the verge of going nuclear, Olmert appealed to the United States to carry out the attack, according to Sofrin.

    “George W Bush refused and Olmert ended the conversation with the sentence, ‘Israel will do what it has to do’,” said Sofrin.

    In what was dubbed Operation Outside the Box, the Israeli military on September 6, 2007, bombed the Syrian reactor, demolishing the site.

    North Korea, under the guise of aid to the missile industry, managed to trick the West once again. The Syrian reactor was an exact copy of the nuclear reactor in North Korea. 

    Who was AQ Khan?

    Khan is known as the Father of Pakistan’s Nuclear Program. He also shared nuclear weapons know-how with other countries like Libya, Iran, and North Korea.

    Khan initially worked at European Uranium Enrichment Centrifuge Corporation (EURENCO) at Amsterdam, the Netherlands. From there, Khan stole classified plans to make nuclear centrifuges used in the making of nuclear weapons. He stole such information of years and shifted to Pakistan before he could be caught.

    After moving to Pakistan, Khan began the Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program. At its peak, around 10,000 scientists and other personnel worked under him. 

    Not long after starting work in Pakistan, Khan began exporting nuclear know-how.

    “Long before Pakistan tested its first nukes, A.Q. Khan began making deals with other countries interested in acquiring his lab’s technology…Iran was the first. In 1987, Khan closed a $3 million deal with Iran for centrifuge designs and the materials needed to produce them,” reports nuclear and security affairs website Outrider.

    It further reported Khan’s dealing with Iraq and North Korea.

    “Khan was doing business with Iraq’s Saddam Hussein—though their deal fell through when the First Gulf War began…In 1992, the Pakistani government reached out to North Korea to inquire about their missile technology. Over the next decade, the two countries traded missile technology for uranium enrichment technology,” reported Overdrive.

    Khan’s activities were uncovered in 2003. He admitted to his nuclear trading in 2004 and was put on house arrest. He was released in 2009.

    Khan died in 2021 at the age of 85.

    (With PTI inputs)

    Seismic Waves Preceding the Sixth Seal: Revelation 6:12

    Earthquakes struck New York and New Hampshire last week; the epicenter of each is at the dot inside the concentric circles. Image: USGS
    Earthquakes struck New York and New Hampshire last week; the epicenter of each is at the dot inside the concentric circles. Image: USGS

    New England Seismic Activity Wanes After Quakes in New York, New Hampshire


    According to USGS, three weak earthquakes hit New England last week; however, activity has since waned with no seismic activity since Friday and Saturday’s quakes in New York and New Hampshire. The earthquakes were too weak to create any damage and were likely too weak to be felt by many people.

    The first earthquake struck near Lisbon, New Hampshire on Friday, October 7, at 7:07 am. The magnitude 1.7 event struck at a depth of 5.5 km just southeast of Lisbon, New Hampshire. The second earthquake hit at Lyon Mountain in northern Upstate New York; that magnitude 1.4 event struck at a depth of 8.9 km at 3:50 am Saturday morning, October 8. The third earthquake hit in central New York not far from Albany, just north-northwest of Voorheesville. That magnitude 1.4 event struck from a depth of 19.8 km at 4:42 am on Saturday too.

    Earthquakes aren’t completely rare in this part of the country; some can even be damaging. Damaging earthquakes have struck here in the past and will likely continue to happen in the future.

    New York is no stranger to earthquakes; this map shows the epicenter of every earthquake from 1975 to 2017. Image: NESEC
    New York is no stranger to earthquakes; this map shows the epicenter of every earthquake from 1975 to 2017. Image: NESEC

    According to the Northeast States Emergency Consortium (NESEC), New York is a state with a very long  history of earthquake activity that has touched all parts of the state.  Since the first earthquake that was recorded in  December 19, 1737, New York has had over 550 earthquakes centered within its state boundaries through 2016. It also has experienced strong ground shaking from earthquakes centered in nearby U.S. states and Canadian provinces.  Most of the earthquakes in New York have taken place in the greater New York City area, in the Adirondack Mountains region, and in the western part of the state.

    New York has seen the most number of damaging earthquakes in the northeast in the period 1678-2016. Image: NESEC
    New York has seen the most number of damaging earthquakes in the northeast in the period 1678-2016. Image: NESEC

    While many of the earthquakes to hit New York are weak like today’s, some have been damaging. Of the 551 earthquakes recorded between 1737 and 2016, 5 were considered “damaging”: 1737, 1929, 1944, 1983, and 2002.

    While most of New York’s earthquakes have been in the Upstate, New York City has also seen damaging earthquakes over the years. At about 10:30 pm on December 18, 1737, an earthquake with an unknown epicenter hit New York with an estimated magnitude of 5.2. That quake damaged some chimneys in the city. On August 10, 1884, another 5.2 earthquake struck; this quake cracked chimneys and plaster, broke windows, and objects were thrown from shelves throughout not only New York City, but  surrounding towns in New York and New Jersey too.  The shaking from the 1884 earthquake was felt as far west as Toledo, Ohio and as far east as Penobscot Bay, Maine.  It was also reported felt by some in Baltimore, Maryland.

    The earthquakes in the Northeast are not related to a swarm of earthquakes occurring well south and west of this region in an area known as the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ). Dozens of earthquakes have hit there in recent weeks, with overall earthquake activity reported by USGS to be about 300% above normal this summer in the NMSZ.

    The Iranian Horn is in Trouble: Revelation 16

    Young protesters taking over the streets at night in Tehran. September 27, 2022

    Intensity Of Protests In Iran Seen In Profanities Against Khamenei

    Sunday, 10/09/202

    Author: Maryam Sinaee

    Iran Protests

    Current protests in Iran are quite unique this time as people from every walk of life vow not to go back to their homes before they oust the Islamic Republic.

    Despite curfew-style restrictions on mobile internet service that 90 percent of the population depend on to access social media and the global web, there was sufficient footage of protests that began in universities and secondary schools Saturday morning and spread to streets in the afternoon, lasting well until the early hours of Sunday.

    “Hey you, this is not a protest, It’s a revolution,” young protesters are seen chanting to the police in Shahr-e Qods in one of the videos posted on Twitter. The youth also chanted “Down with the Dictator” while older protesters honked their car horns in approval.

    Shahr-e Qods is an industrial and agricultural town of around 300,000 about 30km from the capital Tehran. Residents of the town are mainly migrant workers.

    In the November 2019 unrest, the area was a bastion of protests. Many government offices, banks, and supermarkets were torched, and many were shot dead by security forces. There were allegations at the time that government agents were responsible for much of the destruction which gave security forces an excuse to suppress the protests with military ammunition.

    This is the first time in recent years residents of working-class areas like Shahre-e Qods and Nazi Abad in the south of Tehran, have taken to the streets demanding freedom and revolution. Sources inside Iran say so many protesters had turned out that the riot police had to avoid confrontation with them.

    Young protesters taking over the streets at night in Tehran. September 27, 2022

    There have been a lot of unbelievable footage of brutality against protesters by police and security forces including the ever-present plainclothesmen. A video taken Saturday in Mashhad, Iran’s second most-populous city, shows several riot police beating up a protester, a “child” according to the narrator.

    But there is also a video from Nazi Abad protests in southern Tehran that includes an extremely rare scene of a few riot policemen walking alongside protesters, instead of attacking to disperse them, and apparently guiding them to the middle of the street to keep them away from the sidewalks and shops.

    Protesters in the same video are chanting “Mortars, Tanks, Fireworks: Khamenei is a [profanity]”.

    Profanities against the Supreme Leader which were only chanted in the worst protest-riot situations in the past are quickly becoming mainstream. Protesters are continuously coming up with new and ingeniously rhyming slogans with even stronger profanities, and this time the angry slogans have spread everywhere, even to universities and schools.

    Students at Sharif University of Technology, one of the country’s most prestigious, chanted a slogan of this type against Khamenei on October 3 that quickly became popular among all protesters. “You are ‘dirt and rubble’: You deserve this [profane word],” students at another prestigious university in Isfahan chanted a few days ago while all raising their middle fingers.

    This degree of profanity is unprecedented in Iran where four-letter words are normally avoided in most social and even private contexts, particularly in the presence of women and children.

    “In our society sexually charged swearwords are only uttered when conflicts are at their highest and most serious levels … One should ask the authorities to explain what they have done to make the other side [people] so angry and uninhibited,” Asr-e Iran, a moderate conservative website said Sunday in a commentary entitled “Why Sexually Explicit Slogans Are Chanted On Streets, Universities, And Schools.”

    Pentagon ERRANTLY tamps down concerns over nuclear ‘Armageddon’

    Pentagon press secretary John Kirby.
    The Pentagon press secretary, John Kirby: ‘Nor have we seen anything that would give us pause to reconsider our own strategic nuclear posture.’ Photograph: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

    Pentagon spokesperson tamps down concerns over nuclear ‘Armageddon’

    John Kirby says Biden’s warning about threat of a nuclear attack from Russia were not based on specific new information

    Sam Levine in New YorkSun 9 Oct 2022 11.32 EDT

      The US military’s top spokesperson tamped down concerns of an imminent nuclear threat from Russia, days after Joe Biden warned of a potential nuclear “Armageddon”.

      Speaking at a Democratic fundraiser this week, Biden talked bluntly about the threat of a nuclear attack from Russia. “We have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban missile crisis,” the president said. He added that the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, was “not joking when he talks about potential use of tactical nuclear weapons or biological or chemical weapons because his military is, you might say, significantly underperforming” after invading Ukraine earlier this year.

      Echoing comments from the White House earlier this week, the top Pentagon spokesperson, John Kirby, said Biden’s comments were not based on specific new information.

      “His comments were not based on new or fresh intelligence or new indications that Mr Putin has made a decision to use nuclear weapons,” Kirby told Martha Raddatz in an interview on ABC News’ This Week. “Quite frankly, we don’t have any information that he has made that kind of decision. Nor have we seen anything that would give us pause to reconsider our own strategic nuclear posture.”

      Biden’s remarks invoking Armageddon drew a sharp rebuke from the former secretary of state Mike Pompeo, a member of the Donald Trump White House’s cabinet who is mulling a 2024 presidential run.


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      “Those comments were reckless” and “a terrible risk to the American people”, Pompeo said on the Republican-friendly Fox News network.

      Kirby on Sunday also declined to weigh on a recent explosion on the Kerch Bridge linking Russia and Crimea, the Ukrainian territory under Russian control.

      The explosion dealt a blow to Russian military logistics and embarrassed Putin, for whom the bridge had symbolic personal importance. Ukraine has not yet claimed responsibility for the attack, but it has been celebrated by senior leaders in the country.

      “We don’t really have anything more to add to the reports about the explosion on the bridge,” Kirby said. “I just don’t have anything more to contribute to that this morning.”

      Kirby also addressed Biden’s comments last week that the US was trying to find where Putin could get an “off ramp” to the war on Ukraine.

      “Mr Putin started this war and Mr Putin could end it today, simply by moving his troops out of the country,” Kirby said. “He’s the one who chose to start this conflict again and he can choose to end it.”

      Russian forces invaded Ukraine in February. But Ukraine’s defenders in recent weeks have taken back some of the territories it had lost control of during the invasion.

      With its hold on Ukraine weakening, Putin recently ordered the mobilization of reservists to reinforce the invasion, which ignited protests in dozens of cities across Russia and has led to long lines at its land borders with other countries.