The Antichrist Rises Again By Calling For “Public Dialogue”

Al-Sadr Rises Again By Calling For “Public Dialogue”


By David Sadler Last Updated Oct 6, 2022

Plasschaert to Iran and Turkey: Iraq is not your backyard

The leader of the “Sadrist movement” Muqtada al-Sadr took advantage of the talk about Iraqi internal affairs, which was said by the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Baghdad, Jenin Plaschaert, to once again appear to his audience and the Iraqis, 40 days after his retirement, by calling for a “public dialogue”, and his demand for the United Nations to help Iraq ” Hold the corrupt accountable.

Although most of what was stated by the UN Representative in Iraq, Plasschaert, in her briefing on the situation in Iraq before the Security Council the day before yesterday (Tuesday), has been on the tongues of the majority of popular trends in Iraq for many years, many viewed it as the most important statement on the For years, a UN official has spoken, in that it has been brought before the highest UN council, Iraq’s internal issues related to the “political blockage” and “corruption” and its disastrous results.

Al-Sadr announced in a tweet yesterday, Plasschaert’s talk about corruption and its disastrous consequences for the country. “Yes, this is very true and accurate, and the first step for gradual reform is the non-participation of the old faces, their parties and people in the next government according to the aspirations of the reference and the aspirations of the rebellious people,” he said. He added, “We agree to dialogue if it is public, in order to exclude all participants in the previous political and electoral processes and to hold the corrupt accountable under the cover of an impartial judiciary. We also look forward to the assistance of the United Nations in this regard.”

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