Iraqi Judiciary Rejects Antichrist’s Ultimatum To Dissolve Parliament

Iraqi judiciary rejects al-Sadr’s ultimatum to dissolve parliament

Iraqi Judiciary Rejects Al-Sadr’s Ultimatum To Dissolve Parliament – •

Last updated Aug 15, 2022

The Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council rejected the demand of the Shiite theologian Muqtada al-Sadr to dissolve parliament and announce new elections within a week. The statement emphasizes that the issue is outside the jurisdiction of the judiciary, as it would violate the separation of powers.

Iraq’s political system is paralyzed by conflict within the Shiite community, the most powerful in the country. It is split between al-Sadr’s supporters, who oppose corruption and foreign influence, and parties oriented towards Iran and, in fact, ready to turn Iraq into a satellite of the ayatollah regime.

After the elections in October 2021, the Sadrists became the largest faction in parliament, but were unable to form a government due to opposition from pro-Iranian forces. Then all 73 members of the faction resigned. However, this did not bring Iraq closer to forming a government.

Sadr’s supporters have stormed parliament twice in the past month to prevent the formation of an Iranian-aligned government. The political confrontation threatens to turn into an armed one, since both al-Sadr and his opponents rely on militias loyal to them.

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