What would happen to us at the first nuclear war? Study responds Revelation 8

What would happen to us if a nuclear war breaks out? Study responds – Science – Life

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Even though the world has been ravaged by two world wars, a cold war and a hundred-year war, Nuclear weapons have not been fired at civilians since 1945.

Ever since the United States was globally condemned for the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the world has remained relatively peaceful regarding nuclear wars, despite major threats between the Western and Eastern blocs. 

It doesn’t matter who bombs who. It can be India and Pakistan or NATO and Russia.

But, What would happen if one of these days one breaks out? The study ‘A new oceanic state after nuclear war’, made by Louisiana State University (LSU, for its acronym in English), wanted to answer the question once and for all. We tell you what they discovered.

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How was the study carried out?

To perform the analysis, LSU Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences Assistant Professor Cheryl Harrison and co-authorsconducted multiple computer simulations to study the impacts of nuclear war in different regions. 

It should be noted that, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, nine nations currently control more than 13,000 nuclear weapons in the world, a very high number compared to the two countries that stood out in the Cold War. 

Cold War

In the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union faced each other for several decades with the threat of using nuclear weapons.

This research was carried out simulating a hypothetical war between the United States and Russia, in which these powers used 4,400 100-kiloton nuclear weapons, and a conflict between India and Pakistan in which 500 100-kiloton weapons were used.

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movie storms

In all simulated cases multiple nuclear firestorms expected to release soot and smoke, substances that would block sunlight and cause the imminent loss of all crops in the world. As if this were not enough, temperatures would drop to minus 10 degrees Celsius. 

Nuclear war

The researchers simulated how destroyed the world would be if two powers clashed. 

It doesn’t matter who bombs who. It can be India and Pakistan or NATO and Russia. Once the smoke is released into the upper atmosphere, it spreads globally and affects everyone,” said Cheryl Harrison at the Nuclear Threats Initiative Conference, where the study results were presented.

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Goodbye to the sea as we know it

nuclear sea

Seaweed is the main sustenance of many fish.

The temperature of the oceans would also drop drastically. would generate an increase in sea ice that would block seaports and the navigation of ships with supplies to other areas of the world. 

“But we can still fish and feed ourselves this way”, some would say, however, this would not be the case either. Without sunlight and with increasing ice, seaweed would die, which would be the beginning of a famine in the species that live in the ocean. No more in the first month there would be no harvests, fishing or sunlight.

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“The current war in Ukraine with Russia, and how it has affected gasoline prices, really shows us how fragile our global economy and supply chains are in the face of what may appear to be regional conflicts and disturbances”, stated the author of the study. 

A call to conscience 

In all scenarios in which there is a nuclear war, the effects caused would last for decades and some could even remain on Earth for hundreds of years due to the “long time scales” of recovery in the depths of bodies of water. 

The researchers did this study to invite the leaders of the countries and the citizens of the world to do everything possible to avoid a nuclear war, since the results would be “globally catastrophic”. 


Volcanoes are inevitable, which is why scientists warn that smarter cities must be made.

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In addition, during the conference they emphasized design cities that are fit to deal with climate impacts that are unavoidablesuch as tsunamis and volcanic eruptions, since the latter produce clouds of particles in the upper atmosphere

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