The Russian Horn Threatens the UK Horn: Daniel

‘Destroy whole UK in two minutes!’ Russia MP threatens nuclear strike in on-air outburst

A RUSSIAN MP has boasted during a TV interview that a nuclear strike could “destroy the whole UK in two minutes” amid mounting hostility between London and Moscow.


06:45, Mon, May 23, 2022 | UPDATED: 06:45, Mon, May 23, 2022

Russian MP warns nuclear strike would destroy UK in two minutes

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MP Yuri Shvytkin has declared that “if necessary”, Vladimir Putin could destroy the entire UK in a couple of minutes with a single Russian Sarmat nuclear weapon. The sinister boast came as the Russian politician was pressed to comment during an interview on the growing tensions between the UK and Russia amid the war in Ukraine. Mr Shvytkin also argued that the expansion of NATO to possibly include Finland and Sweden was a step closer to a “nuclear disaster.”

Mr Shvytkin told Al-Jazeera: “I need to point out if we have to, if a nuclear strike is carried out against the UK…

“Only if we have to I stress, under no circumstances are we striving to do it and we are doing everything that we can so that it doesn’t happen.

“But a single Sarmat missile will destroy the whole of the UK in two minutes.

“Is that what they need? Let them answer that question themselves.

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