Don’t you dare, Putin! UK boosts arsenal to 260 nukes in response to Russia threat

THE UK is planning to boost its arsenal to up to 260 nukes in a huge show of force against Vladimir Putin.


10:03, Fri, Apr 29, 2022 | UPDATED: 15:48, Fri, Apr 29, 2022

Putin ‘isn’t suicidal’ says Stubb as he talks nuclear weapons

While Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, with nearly 6,000 warheads, the UK has its own weaponry that could help deter the Russian threat. Currently, Britain has a stockpile of 195 warheads, but it plans to boost this to up to 260 at a maximum cap in what would be the first increase since the Cold War. This comes as Putin sent a horror warning to the West by putting his nuclear forces on “high alert”.

And a Russian MP has even warned Prime Minister warned Boris Johnson that the UK is now a “prime target” for Moscow given London’s unwavering military and political support for Kyiv.


The Russian lawmaker said last week: “Great Britain is a prime target for that (nuclear strike). It is an island nation, which would minimise the damage to the continent.”

Putin has also been unveiling some terrifying weapons that could cause chaos in the West, such as the “Satan 2”, which was test-fired earlier this month.

But the UK has some mighty weapons of its own.

Trident, Britain’s nuclear weapons programme, is operated by the Royal Navy and has four Vanguard-class submarines armed with Trident II D-5 ballistic missiles.

Uk weapons

The UK is boosting its nuclear arsenal to deter a Russian attack (Image: Getty )


The UK has four Vanguard submarines which can carry 8 warheads each (Image: Getty )

Made by US company Lockheed Martin, these weapons are a three-stage, solid-fuel, inertially-guided missiles with a range of 4,000 nautical miles.

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