The 17 Horns Want to Nuke Up: Daniel

Every country in the world will now want nuclear weapons because Putin has shown if you have a nuke, nobody will aid your enemies, former White House adviser claims

  • Ex-White House adviser has claimed that every country in the world will now want nuclear weapons 
  • Fiona Hill said Putin’s ‘nuclear blackmail’ was likely to increase the international demand for nuclear arms
  • Putin referred to nuclear deterrents when he warned the West against intervening after invading Ukraine
  • This week Putin  test-launched his fearsome ‘Satan II’ missile is capable of striking a target 11,200 miles away


PUBLISHED: 04:48 EDT, 23 April 2022 | UPDATED: 11:19 EDT, 23 April 2022

Every country in the world will now want nuclear weapons because Putin has shown that if you have the bomb, nobody will aid your enemies, a former White House adviser has dramatically claimed.

Fiona Hill, a British-born Russia expert and former White House intelligence adviser who was former deputy assistant to the president when Donald Trump was in office, said Putin’s ‘nuclear blackmail’ was likely to increase the international demand for nuclear arms.

When the Russian tyrant invaded Ukraine in February, he made a reference to his nation’s nuclear deterrents, warning the West that any major intervention would ‘lead you to such consequences that you have never encountered in your history’.

And in a further ratcheting of tensions this week, Putin test-launched his fearsome ‘Satan II’ missile which is capable of striking a target 11,200 miles away and is said to be the world’s longest-range intercontinental ballistic missile. The test came as NATO powers including Britain pledged to provide further arms to help Ukraine repel Russian invaders.

Suggesting that the world now was more dangerous than during the Cold War, Miss Hill told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that countries such as Japan and South Korea will be ‘really rethinking your non-nuclear posture and your reliance on the United States’ – in what is likely to be a reference to North Korea and China.

‘The nuclear issue is something that everybody should be concerned about on a global basis because he [Putin] is basically telling every country: You need a nuclear weapon,’ she said.

‘So the whole idea of non-proliferation is basically out the window because it is basically very clear that the reason we are not going after Russia with everything that we’ve got is because they’ve got a nuclear weapon and he is saying he’s prepared to use one.

‘And everyone is looking at this now and thinking, ‘right, well if I want to have my way with my neighbour, I need a nuclear weapon’ – that’s basically what Putin is telling us. And conversely, everyone is thinking, ‘if I’m going to have a good defensive posture, I can’t rely on someone else coming to my assistance, I need a nuclear weapon’.

‘So we are in a whole new territory that we haven’t even been in during the Cold War, and so this requires really robust diplomacy.’

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