China is Forcing Australia to go Nuclear: Daniel 7

Prime Minister

by Taboola 

China stepping up nuclear military pressure on Australia ‘Emerging threat on our doorstep’

AUSTRALIA reports China has been stepping up nuclear pressure right on its doorstep.


12:57, Sat, Mar 26, 2022 | UPDATED: 12:57, Sat, Mar 26, 2022

Scott Morrison says Australia has ‘stepped up’ after China threat

Australian news from 9 News Australia explained how China could be stepping into a possible deal with the Solomon Islands, in the Pacific sea. Australian Government officials such as Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese explain the threat the possible alliance could be. Explaining that China would be then able to place military bases 2000km from Australia, causing a high threat due to it making launching an attack easier. Prime Minister Scott Morrison discussed speaking to partner states in the Pacific and bolstering Australian defence.

The reporter said: “The election race is about to begin, first there’s a budget.”

Scott Morrison said: “It’s a plan which is about dealing with the cost of living relief now.”

Anthony Albanese said: “There budgets are always long on politics but short on plans.”

The reporter added: “The government has confirmed relief for older voters will be extended.

Scott Morrison (Image: News 9 Australia)

President of China

Xi Jinping (Image: Getty Images)

“Self-funded retirees are allowed to keep more money in their super and there will be big money spent on national security.

“Just as serious concerns grow inside the government over a possible deal between the Soloman Islands and China.

“Which could lead to a Chinese military base 2000km from the Australian coast.

Scott Morrison said: “We will work with our partner states in the Pacific to ensure there is a clear understanding of the risks and threats that we believe this poses.”

Anthony Albanese said: “Australia needs to up our presence in the Pacific.”

The reporter added: “The government’s concerns over China’s push has triggered a response from Bejing causing Ministers of being irresponsible and creating tension.”

Responding to the possible threat from China, Australia’s Defence Minister Peter Dutton said: “We will have an announcement within the next couple of months about which boat we are going with, what we can do in the interim.

“Both the U.S. and the U.K. understand the timelines, they understand what is happening in the Indo-Pacific, and they are very, very willing partners.”

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