Biden warns the Chinese Horn not to help Russia

Biden warns China’s Xi not to help Russia on Ukraine

In a call between the leaders, Biden warned of ‘consequences’ if China provides material support to Moscow as it pursues a devastating invasion of its neighbor

War in Ukraine: What you need to know

The latest: Ukrainian forces continued to put up a defiant defense of their country’s cities, limiting Russian ground advances as the Kremlin’s invasion entered its 24th day. But the growing human cost of the invasion has forced Zelensky to consider concessions to bring an end to the devastating conflict, Western officials said

The fight: Russia — which has launched more than 1,000 missiles so far — is increasingly relying on “dumb” bombs to wear cities and civilians down. Russia’s assault on Ukraine has been extensive with strikes and attacks across the entire country. Russia has been accused of committing war crimes.

The weapons: Ukraine is making use weapons like Javelin antitank missiles and Switchblade “kamikaze” drones from the United States and other allies to combat the superior numbers and heavier weaponry of the Russian military.

Oil prices: Sanctions on Russia are helping gas prices hit new highs. Here’s why — and how long the surge could last.

In Russia: Putin has locked down the flow of information within Russia, where the war isn’t even being called a war. “Information warriors” from around the world are working to penetrate Putin’s propaganda wall.

How you can help: Here are ways those in the U.S. can help support the Ukrainian people as well as what people around the world have been donating.

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