Winners of the Obama Deal Will Be Iran and Russia

Winners Of Iran Deal Are Khamenei And Putin – US Senator


Iran Nuclear

US Republican Senator Ted Cruz says Russian President Vladimir Putin and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei are the major winners of the renewed deal with Iran.

In a tweet on Monday, Cruz denounced the deal that the Biden administration hopes to strike with the Islamic Republic, noting that “Biden’s foreign policy has failed in Afghanistan and Ukraine; now he is preparing to make a new catastrophic nuclear agreement with the Iranian regime”.

He emphasized that the Islamic Republic is “the same regime that chants ‘Death to America’, has killed hundreds of Americans, and conducts terrorism around the globe”.

He also shared a video of his remarks last week, saying, “In Vienna, Biden diplomats have been furiously bending over backwards to surrender to the Ayatollah (referring to Khamenei), the same Ayatollah who is a theocratic despot who regularly chants ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel’”.

“This administration wants nothing more than to give them hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief, money that will inevitably be used to — number one — murder Americans… and number two – to develop nuclear weapons”, he said.

Iran “may be only weeks away from being able to develop a nuclear weapon”, Cruz warned, noting that “our enemies are stronger because of the weakness of this administration.

In a statement from Senate Republicans released on Monday, 49 Senators told the Biden Administration they oppose a revived deal as it can reduce limits on Tehran’s nuclear program.

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