The threat of nuclear annihilation: Revelation 8

The threat of annihilation

When would the global political leadership unite to de-nuclearise the planet

Ukraine war once again underlined the danger of total annihilation. As the talk of nuclear option surfaced up, the world once again realised that how dangerously we are placed on the precipice of absolute devastation.

It invoked the memories of cold war, when the US and the USSR were seen as locking horns, pushing the planet towards a nuclear confrontation. It was after long and winding negotiations that some treaties were formalised to minimise the danger of a nuclear war.

It was the result of relentless efforts that the two super powers agreed to place a check on the nuclear capabilities. As the USSR disintegrated, and the balance of power shifted completely in favour of the US, the danger of a nuclear war was thought to be averted. If there was a talk on this danger it was in context of some other countries, like Indo-Pak, or North and South Korea.

We also saw this nuclear talk gaining pitch when the talks between the US and Iran on a nuclear deal rushed into rough weather. Besides, when armed groups gave a different twist to the crisis in Iraq and Syria, the world got very concerned about the nuclear capabilities falling into the hands of non-state actors.

All this while there were saner voices that consistently drew attention towards the looming threat of a nuclear catastrophe, and wanted all the nations on this planet to work towards a nuclear weapons free world. The theoretical argument against the nuclear weapons has grown too strong to be ignored, but the ground realities remain the same.

The military powers consider nuclear arsenal as strategic weapons that can be used to threaten enemy, or ward off any danger from a presumed adversary.

Those in the nuclear club are least ready to de-weaponise, and the threat of annihilation hovers on our skies as it would when we passed through events like Cuban crisis.

The questions still remains unanswered; is the human race being held hostage by the military minded leadership of the the great powers. When would the political leadership of the world unite to declare the possession of nuclear weapons as a criminal act

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