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East Coast Earthquakes’ Speed Is Faster Than Previously Thought, Geologists Say 

Posted: 11/06/2012 5:59 pm EST 
The agency estimated about one-third of the U.S. population could have felt the magnitude 5.8 tremor centered about 50 miles northwest of Richmond, which would mean more people were affected than any earthquake in U.S. history. Scientists also found the quake that caused more than $200 million in damage triggered landslides at distances four times farther and over an area 20 times larger than research from previous quakes has shown.
“Scientists are confirming with empirical data what more than 50 million people in the eastern U.S. experienced firsthand: this was one powerful earthquake,” USGS Director Marcia McNutt said in a news release about the findings presented at the Geological Society of America conference in Charlotte, N.C.
Researchers used landslides to see how far-reaching the shaking from East coast earthquakes could be. The unexpected jolt cracked the Washington Monument in spots and toppled delicate masonry high atop the National Cathedral. The shaking was felt from Georgia to New England.
According to the findings, the farthest landslide from the quake was 150 miles from the epicenter, a greater distance than any other similar-sized earthquake. Previous similar quakes have resulted in landslides no farther than 36 miles from the epicenter.
Additionally, the landslides from the 2011 tremor occurred in an area of about 12,895 square-miles – about the size of the state of Maryland. Previous studies indicated an area of about 580 square-miles – about the size of Houston – from an earthquake of similar magnitude.
“It’s just much more dangerous to have an earthquake at that level back on the East Coast than it would be on the West Coast,” said Edwin Harp, a USGS scientist and co-author of the study. “If something big happened, although it’s much less frequent, it would tend to damage a lot more buildings because they’re probably not quite up to the codes that they are in California.”
Geologic structure and rock properties on the East Coast allow seismic waves to travel farther without weakening compared with the West Coast, Harp said.
He said equations used to predict ground shaking might need to be revised now that scientists know more about the power of East Coast earthquakes.
The information also will help with building codes as well as emergency preparedness, the USGS said.
While West Coast earthquake veterans scoffed at what they viewed as only a moderate temblor, the August 2011 quake changed the way officials along the East Coast viewed emergency preparedness. Emergency response plans that once focused on hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and snow are being revised to include quakes.
Some states have enacted laws specifically related to the quake, and there is anecdotal evidence of a spike in insurance coverage for earthquake damage.

Prelude to the Sixth Seal (Revelation 6:12)

by Toniann Antonelli November 6, 2016 6:00 PM
Earthquakes in NJ (United States Geological Survey)
Although they went largely undetected by most New Jerseyans, things got a little shaky Sunday morning as two small earthquakes rattled parts of the Garden State, according to the The US Geological Survey.
Geologists say both quakes were very small – less than 2.0 on the Richter scale. The first quake hit at about 5:11 a.m. southeast of Westville, Gloucester County at a depth of 5 kilometers. The second occurred at about 7:15 a.m. east-northeast of Highlands, Monmouth County according to the USGS, which shows that the earthquake hit at a depth of 4.4 kilometers below ground.
New Jersey State Police Sgt. 1st Class Gregory Williams said the quakes “did not cause any alarm” and police did not receive any notification after they occurred. No damage was reported.
USGS data shows that there have been 15 earthquakes, including Sunday’s, in New Jersey in 2016 including a 2.1 magnitude quake in Ringwood on January.
NJ 101.5 Meteorologist Dan Zarrow said that while earthquakes in New Jersey are rare, they do happen, although one as small as those that occurred Sunday would probably not even be felt by most people and are not a cause for concern.
“Earthquakes are rare in New Jersey, and to have two in one day is even more unusual, but they certainly happen occasionally,” Zarrow said. “Nothing to worry about though…2.0 on the Richter scale is barely perceptible to the average person.”
On Jan. 28, people in parts of the Garden State also reported an earthquake that turned out to be a sonic boom occurring during a military test flight off the coast of Maryland from Naval Air Station Patuxent River. A Defense Department spokesman confirmed at the time that “an F-35C from the station in Patuxent was conducting “supersonic testing in a cleared military flight area” off the east coast Thursday involving an F/A-18 aircraft along with an F-35C aircraft.”
Dan Alexander contributed to this report.

Scarlet Woman is ‘itching’ to start WW3 amid Russia tensions

Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin GETTY
By Ajay Nair
PUBLISHED: 14:52, Sat, Nov 5, 2016 UPDATED: 15:12, Sat, Nov 5, 2016
The woman, Sue, defended Donald Trump and said his Democratic rival would spark major conflict around the world while speaking to presenter Matt Frei on LBC.
The outburst came after Frei branded the Republican candidate “ignorant”.
He said: “Is he ignorant of the state of the world?… yes he is by his own admission.
“He can’t tell you the difference between Iraq and Iran, he doesn’t really know the difference between Sunni and Shia.
“I mean, the last time we had a president who didn’t do his homework, we got into an awful lot of trouble in Iraq. Do we want to repeat that experience with a temper to match?”
The caller fired back and slammed Mrs Clinton’s policies before defending Mr Trump.
If Hillary Clinton gets in I think she will go into direct conflict with Putin,” she said. “And I think not only will we will be preparing our country, we might be preparing our country to get involved in World War III.
She suggested comments made by Mr Trump about women were a ploy put together by Mrs Clinton’s camp to thwart his campaign.
She said: “I do think all this name-calling of Trump about what he’s saying about women, [that he’s] a racist – this is just Clinton’s way of diverting what she actually wants to do.
The comments come after rising tension between the two nations over Russia’s military action in Syria and fears over Russian cyber attacks.
Before launching an attack on the presidential candidate, the caller compared the social situation in America to what is happening in the UK and backed Trump to win.
“I actually think Donald Trump will win this election by a large margin, and people that have caused this are the dynasties of the Bushes [and] Clintons.
“Because from what I can see and what I’ve heard from my friends in America, is exactly the same thing that’s happened and happening here – [it] is that decent hard-working people are not able to live decent lives and they’re struggling.”

UK At Risk for Nuclear Attack From Russia (Daniel 7) spoke to a nuclear expert to determine how and why a Putin nuke strike would happen.
The Doomsday Clock, which calculates how far the world is from total destruction, is currently set at its most dangerous level since 1959 – the height of the Cold War.
A leading academic in the field of nuclear weapons, Matthew Rendall, revealed what he believes will spark the potentially apocalyptic conflict and how he thinks it will play out.
The other likely cause of nuclear war, according to the University of Nottingham academic, would be terror groups getting their hands on the deadly weapons – which they are now more likely because Mr Putin pulled out a 16-year-old agreement with America designed to safely destroy stockpiles of weapons-grade plutonium in both nations.
The snub from the Russian leader now means enough plutonium to make 17,000 nuclear weapons still has the chance to fall into the hands of terror groups such as Islamic State.
Mr Rendall told what he regards as the most likely possible causes for a nuclear holocaust: “Two scenarios come to mind. The first would be if Moscow believed that it was already under nuclear attack, and struck NATO in the hope of limiting damage.
“In 1995, Russia mistook a Norwegian research rocket for an incoming Western missile.
“Fortunately, President Boris Yeltsin did not launch Russia’s missiles in response. In a similar situation, President Putin would almost surely also sit tight, wait and see, but do we want to take that chance?
“Unfortunately, the recent downturn in relations between the two countries makes it unlikely that they will agree to reduce alert levels any time soon.”
He added: “All too many seem to believe that arms control is a favour one does the other side, rather than a process undertaken in both sides’ self-interest.”
“At the end of the Cold War, Russia and the United States co-operated in securing dangerously vulnerable Russian nuclear sites.
“Unfortunately, this co-operation too has now fallen victim to the downturn in relations.”
NATO is likely to back down if Russia launched a nuclear attack in a foreign part of the world, such as Syria, “for fear that it would escalate to an all-out nuclear war, says the Canadian-born author.
And Britain would be largely powerless if a nuclear attack from terrorists was shown to have been facilitated by Russia, because even though “Moscow might be blamed for allowing them to do it, unlike Afghanistan in 2001, it could not be punished with impunity”. discovered that, with the use of sophisticated software from, if Satan 2 was dropped in the middle of London, it would kill 2,278,500 people and injure a further 2,603,390 in the first 24 hours alone.
The fireball alone would have a radius of 31 sq km, more than 1,000 schools would be incinerated instantly and the fallout would be felt as far away as Denmark.
But Mr Rendall believes the thing that could save Britain from a Russian-launched nuclear apocalypse – Vladimir Putin’s sanity.
He said: “The threat is significant, but not from a pre-meditated attack.
“Since Britain and its close allies France and the United States all have nuclear weapons, Russia would risk its major cities and much of its population.
“Whatever Putin and his associates may be, they are neither fools nor suicide bombers.”
A NUCLEAR weapons expert has told that Britain faces a “significant threat” of radioactive attacks either from Russia or terrorists who come into possession of stolen warheads.

Scarlet Woman Given A "Go Pass Jail" Card

FBI Director James B. Comey notified key members of Congress Sunday afternoon that after reviewing newly discovered Hillary Clinton emails the agency stands by its original findings against recommending charges.
Comey wrote that investigators had worked “around the clock” to review all the emails found on a device used by former congressman Anthony Weiner that had been sent to or from Clinton and that “we have not changed our conclusions expressed in July.”
The conclusion from Comey provided one last twist to the 2016 presidential campaign and came just two days before the election.
Comey had upended the campaign just nine days ago, when he alerted Congress that new emails had been located that were related to Clinton’s use of a private server as secretary of state.
The announcement effectively revived a controversy that had dogged Clinton since before she launched her presidential campaign and resumed an FBI investigation that had concluded in July. At the time, Comey had criticized Clinton as “extremely careless” with classified information but said,”no reasonable prosecutor” would recommend criminal charges.
Prior to his Oct. 28 announcement, Clinton had opened a significant lead over Republican Donald Trump in most public polling following a string of strong debate performances. But the polls tightened considerably as Clinton’s email practices once again took center stage.
The newly discovered emails came from a laptop owned by Weiner, the estranged husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin. The computer had been seized by the FBI on Oct. 3 as part of an investigation into lewd text messages Weiner is alleged to have sent to a 15-year-old girl. Abedin has told people close to her that she does not know how her emails ended up on her husband’s laptop.
Comey had come under fire for inserting the FBI into the campaign’s final days with the announcement. Department of Justice policy discourages the agency from taking steps in days before an election, to avoid the perception that the FBI is trying to the influence the outcome of the vote.
A spokesman for the FBI declined to comment beyond Comey’s letter, as did a spokesman for the Department of Justice.
“We were always confident nothing would cause the July decision to be revisited. Now Director Comey has confirmed it ,” Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon tweeted.
The news hit as Clinton and her campaign team flew from Philadelphia to Cleveland for a campaign event. Some aides read the news on a phone passed around the staff cabin before the plane lost satellite wifi ahead of landing.
The three-paragraph letter was sent to the chairman of the Homeland Security, Judiciary, Appropriations and Oversight and Government Reform and was copied to the ranking members of those committees. Comey said the FBI had performed an “extraordinary amount of high quality work” to conduct the review.
-Anne Gearan, Sari Horwitz and Matt Zapotosky contributed to this report.